Why You Need To Add "Love Island USA" To Your Streaming List (If It's Not On Your List Already)

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As the summer winds down and the days seem to get shorter, the only thing I look forward to is reality TV. This season of Love Island USA was filled with drama, romance, and more drama!


If you missed this season and are planning on watching it, *SPOILER ALERT*! But if it was never on your radar, here are some reasons why it should be.


The islanders couple up for the first time

Unlike Love Island UK, the USA version is very diverse — and has been for the past couple of seasons. This season featured people from everywhere across the globe with different racial makeups.

The villa welcomed multiple people with diverse backgrounds in the original cast and sexy bombshells. Let's welcome Jesse, Timmy, Sereniti, Zeta, Courtney, then bombshells Jeff, twins Chazz and Bria, and Nadjha. Not to mention, this was the second season a Black couple won #BlackLove.




One thing to appreciate about the series is men are forced to resort back to ancient times and court women. Something that is lost in the real world.

These men must put in the work and don't mind the gender stereotypes being reversed. For example, it's a Love Island tradition that the men make the women their favorite breakfast drink and bring it to them during their makeup sessions.

A favorite moment is watching Isiah and Sydney together; he royally screwed up but romanced his way back to her heart in an epic girlfriend proposal. It gave me all of the fuzzies, close to Davide's homemade tiramisu for Ekin-Su on the UK version.


4.Iain Stirling

5.Drama, drama, and more DRAMA!

Timmy and Jeff arguing over elimination

It wouldn't be Love Island without the drama. A top moment from the season was Jeff getting into it with everyone in the villa when fellow islanders voted off his "buddy buddies" for having no real chemistry. Things got really intense fast.

Also, Timmy's love triangle with Zeta and Bria was so crazy. From sneaking kisses behind everyone to secret make-out sessions in the bed. How could all this drama happen before Casa Amor? It was giving scandalous! Glad Zimmy worked out.

Courtney, though, takes the cake for drama queen. Never did viewers see how Bryce was towards her, so it was confusing AF when the girls sent him home, and he bowed out respectively. Like, what did we miss? Also, if you aren't capable of making out in bed overnight, Courtney won't feel the love from you, and she will be on to the next. Physical touch is clearly her love language.



Mackenzie and Chad holding cut-out heads on another couple

The games and challenges that the islanders have to play are so risky! The heartbeat challenge is supposed to be sexy but somehow turns out cringy.

Another game is when the islanders are forced to throw each other under the bus and guess which couple matches with the public opinion.

If you thought the drama started from miscommunication, wait until the person you fancy kisses someone they are attracted to besides you. It's just a game, right?!



Sarah Hyland questions Chazz at Love Island USA reunion

The islanders are forced to communicate, talk things out, and be vulnerable because if not, the public will sniff out the phonies quickly.

One of the most honest moments from the season includes Timmy confessing his love to Zeta in front of Bria. He was forced to stop juggling between the two and give an answer, which was also a shock to Zeta.

Another real moment was at the reunion, shockingly, when Sarah Hyland grilled Chazz about his sus moves in the house. He came off as very fake, but women like Sereniti, Gabby, Bella, and even Sarah held him accountable. He faced significant backlash for his actions in the villa and Casa Amor.



Love Island USA App

This leads me to the next thing I love about Love Island USA and UK — voting. If voting on an actual app isn't the way to get viewership and engagement rates up, then what is?


9.The repeat fits, over and over again.

Sydney in black-lace dress

Another element that makes the show super accurate is the unpreparedness. Clearly, people were not prepared to stay at the villa for this long of a time, as the number of times I could point out the same black dress with lacing details on the side was wild. This wasn't the only dress. There was also a red leather dress and a brown cut-out dress.


10.And, of course, the bonds and friendships.


If Love Island USA didn't bring any love, it brought bromances and sisterhoods. No one can forget Deb and Mady's undeniable bond. Also, Zeta and Courtney. But the ultimate trio dynamic was between Timmy, Isiah, and Jesse.

What are your favorite parts of Love Island USA? Lemme know in the comments below.