10 Random-but-Useful April Purchases PureWow Staffers Are Obsessed With

If you're anything like us, online shopping is second nature at this point. Just hearing the doorbell ring, knowing FedEx is there with our package has the power to lift our mood, any day of the week. (Bonus points if they happen to be the kind of magical products that are totally game-changing).

In the spirit of helping you find a few more of those kinds of incredible discoveries, we've rounded up a selection of our favorite random-but-useful products that we've been using constantly since we purchased them in the last month. From a nifty litter scoop holder for your cat to a delectable jar of almond butter, here are the items PureWow staffers loved in April.

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1. JackCubeDesign Hair Tool Organizer

Organize your hair tools to keep your grooming station in order. PureWow's Assigning Commerce Editor Nicole Briese can attest to its functionality. "I was skeptical that this would actually hold all my hair tools, but it does, and my bathroom looks so much less sloppy for it! I also love the built-in storage space in the front, which I've been using for my perfume (though it also doubles as an extension cord holder)," she says.

$34 at Amazon

2. Pixi DetoxifEYE Eye Patches

Ahh, there's nothing more relaxing than a pair of eye patches that are equipped to depuff and hydrate under eyes. "This is my new go-to new mom gift. Any time I feel dead tired, to the point that my eyes ache, I pop on these for 20 minutes and feel SO refreshed. They're great for puffiness too," says Executive Editor Candace Davison.

Buy It ($24)

3. Vegamour Enso Overnight Restoring Hair Mask

Commerce Editor Olivia Dubyak swears by this mask as the best reparative hair product she's ever used. "I went from blonde to a brunette balayage this year and had a little bit of breakage and weak strands. To help with some damage, I use this mask once a week and it's truly a godsend," she raves. "Immediately after I rinse it out, my hair is softer, my ends are smoother and my hair looks healthier. I've been using for about two months and my hair has gotten much stronger and healthier."

Buy It ($58)

4. Fashionclubs Aqua Globes

Being a plant mom can be lower maintenance than you think. These glass globes are a super-simple self-watering system, no bells and whistles or bluetooth connection needed. Editor-in-Chief Jillian Quint is stoked about adding these to her plant babies. "I'm pretty excited about my discovery of watering globes as way to keep my plants moist without overwatering. You fill the globe, stick it in the plant and then refill it whenever it's empty," she says. Yup, it's really that easy.

$13 at Amazon

5. New Age Pet Scoopy Cat Litter Holder

Cat people, you're going to love this one. This cute little plastic kitty figurine fits a litter scoop in there so it's not just hanging out in the open. Assigning Commerce Editor Nicole Briese loves this addition to her kitty corner. "If we have to scoop litter, at least it can be chic," she jokes.

$19 at Amazon

6. 17 Stories Keemon Steel Etagere Bookcase

This timeless, sleek bookshelf is a stunning piece for any living space. "My girlfriend shamed me into assembling this in the corner of my bathroom to get all those products off the counter. She was right, it’s so much nicer in there now," says Senior Editor Dana Dickey.

Buy It ($123)

7. Therabody PowerDot 2.0 Duo

If you are a hardcore trainer, this stimulation pack will help bring your muscles back to life for a quicker recovery. "This has saved my muscles and joints this race season. I use it post workout for recovery (though you can also use it pre as a 'warm up') and I've noticed a huge improvement in my overall soreness as well as those little aches and pains that always creep into your joints after running," says Managing Editor Catrina Yohay.

Buy It ($349)

8. OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener

Addicted to manicures? Help your nails recover between appointments. "For as much as I love getting manicures, I apparently was out to lunch on this nail polish from OPI that helps your nails heal from all the damage UV you get from doing gel manicures. It's got tons of rave reviews on Amazon and most of my friends swear by it," says Associate Editor Stephanie Sengwe.

$18 at Amazon

9. Roizsx Necklace Layering Clasps

When was the last time you pulled your necklace out of your jewelry box and it was tangle-free? Probably a long time, which is why Executive Editor Candace Davison loves this little magnetic contraption. "I love layering necklaces but hate getting them tangled (and taking them on/off at the end of the day). I bought a magnetic layered necklace clasp, so I can wear multiples without getting them knotted—and make taking them on and off truly easy," she says. "The only downside is that with really dainty chains, the weight of the clasp causes it to twist to the front of my neck, so I'm often moving it back throughout the day."

$21 at Amazon

10. Hive Figi Ginger Almond Butter

Created with delicious flavors and texture, this almond butter is delectable for spreading on toast, crackers, charcuterie boards and more. "This stuff is addicting. It's the best almond butter I've ever tried," raves Senior Commerce Manager Pamela Masin. We have several jars of this in our carts already. Figi ginger? Yes, please.

Buy It ($16)

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