10 Pieces of Rainbow-Set Jewelry Designed to Celebrate Pride Month

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Over the past few years, jewelry featuring all the colors of the rainbow has been a staple of the luxe jewelry scene. But nothing compares to the parade of exquisitely colorful baubles introduced in recent weeks, in preparation for Pride month.

“I believe in equality for all and until the LGBTQ+ community is treated justly under the law. Their human rights and freedom are in jeopardy,” says Harwell Godfrey designer Lauren Godfrey. “I created an heirloom-quality version of the iconic rainbow so that we can visibly show our support everyday: for Pride and beyond.”

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To her point, the 10 pieces featured below are perfectly suited for this month—or every month.

Temple St. Clair Limited-Edition Rainbow Sapphire Angel Pendant

New York-based Temple St. Clair, an inveterate lover of Italian craftsmanship, modeled this limited-edition rainbow sapphire Angel pendant on the cherubs in the Sistine Madonna by Renaissance painter Raphael. Through Aug. 31, 30% of proceeds from sales of the 18-karat gold disc — which is framed by a rainbow of tsavorites, rubies and orange, pink, lavender and blue sapphires — will benefit the Hetrick-Martin Institute, the nation’s largest and oldest LGBTQ+ youth service organization. $1,250, Templestclair.com

Harwell Godfrey Charity Heart Pendant

The fourth 18-karat gold detachable charity heart pendant from Northern California-based Harwell Godfrey — featuring an infusion of amethysts, diamonds, tsavorites and pink, orange, yellow and blue sapphires — benefits the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), with 100% of profits from its sale directed to the leading foundation in the fight for LGBTQ+ rights. $3,500, Harwellgodfrey.com

Anthony Lent Rainbow Sapphire Crescent Moonface Earrings

Drawing on turn-of-the-century illustrations by Maxfield Parrish and N. C. Wyeth and the early animation of Winsor McCay, master goldsmith Anthony Lent embellishes his signature 18-karat gold Crescent Moonface earrings with sapphire cabochons in a rainbow of hues, artfully depicting the universal story of the sun, the moon and the stars. $5,290, Anthonylent.com

ARK Fine Jewelry Rainbow Tie-Dye Destiny Ring

The cyclical nature of our universe is best expressed by the spiral, a shape that has long fascinated ARK designer Ann Korman. For the month of June, she will donate 20% of proceeds from the Rainbow Destiny collection, including this 18-karat gold and rainbow sapphire spiral ring, to the Los Angeles LGBT Center, which offers programs, services and global advocacy in four categories: health, social services and housing, culture and education, and leadership and advocacy. $2,700, Arkfinejewelry.com

Sorellina Monroe Crescent Earrings

The New York City-based sisters behind Sorellina have outlined the silhouette of their 18-karat yellow-gold and white-onyx Monroe Crescent earrings with just enough rainbow-colored sapphires and diamonds to give them a glam-tastic vibe, just right for the anything-goes summer of 2021. $6,000, Sorellinanyc.com

Milamore Candy Sapphire Necklace

Handcrafted by multigenerational families of artisans in Japan, this 18-karat gold Candy Sapphire necklace by New York-based Milamore evokes the candied sweets children wear on elastic bands around their arms — though the precious confections draped along this chain are unquestionably sweeter. $5,000, Milamorejewelry.com

Lydia Courteille Nuevo Mundo Earrings

Paris-based jeweler Lydia Courteille takes a dramatic flight of fancy to Guatemala c. 4,000 years ago in these Nuevo Mundo earrings, inspired by ancient Mayan culture. Made in 18-karat white gold and set with a rainbow assortment of fancy-colored sapphires, rubies, tsavorites and amethysts — capped by plump spheres of rhodochrosite — the mismatched pair is a dramatic ode to the flora and fauna of the Central American jungle. Price on request, Lydiacourteille.com

Graziela Multicolor Sapphire Tennis Necklace

The classic tennis necklace gets electrified in this kaleidoscopic rendition by Chicago-based Graziela. Nearly 6 carats of multicolored sapphires line the 17-inch chain of 18-karat rose gold. $13,250, Grazielagems.com

Nouvel Heritage Rainbow Medallion

Part of Nouvel Heritage’s travel-inspired Medallion collection, this rainbow pendant is handcrafted in founder Camille Parruitte’s family-owned jewelry workshop on Paris’ Rue de la Paix. The 18-karat yellow-gold piece is loaded with diamonds, sapphires, tourmalines, tsavorites, emeralds and garnets in an enchanting array bound to instill a sense of optimism: brighter days ahead! $7,700, Nouvelheritage.com

Robinson Pelham Synchronicity Ring

Few brands embody the joy that comes with owning an exquisitely crafted piece of luxury jewelry better than London-based Robinson Pelham, for whom rainbow jewels are a year-round staple. The two-part 18-karat yellow-gold Synchronicity ring featured here is comprised of both a Rainbow Ray inner ring studded with multicolor sapphires, tsavorite garnets and diamonds, and a Sunset Outer ring made of multicolor sapphires and white diamonds. $8,650 (inner ring) and $7,895 (outer ring), Robinsonpelham.com

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