The 10 Pieces of Jewelry I Never Take Off

I love delicate jewelry. Actually, I'm obsessed with it. I also have a weird obsession with fine jewelry (although I can't really afford it), but that's besides the point. The real point here is that I love jewelry and am here to share with you the 10 pieces I wear every single day. These 10 pieces change seasonally, but for the most part consist of one too many rings and necklaces. Ahead, shop the assortment of everyday jewelry I wear, well, every day. In case you're bored by my selection, I also shopped out the pieces I wear when I want to spice up my look a bit. I unfortunately don't have my ears pierced, so don't expect to see too many earrings here that aren't clip-ons, but the rest should be pretty universal, if I do say so myself.

Next up, find out how I ended up dressing better post-breakup.