These Are the 10 Most Popular Streets in the U.S. on Instagram, Study Finds

John Coletti/Getty Images

Throughout the country, there are some streets that simply capture the imagination. Whether they're lined with popular bars, covered in gorgeous artwork, or overlooking breathtaking landscapes, one can hardly help but snap a pic.

But there are a few that stand above the rest. According to a recent report by travel platform Wanderu (reported by Forbes), there are 10 streets across the U.S. that are the most popular on Instagram. Using an analysis of hashtags (which omitted more common terms like Broadway and Wall Street), the platform found which streets came out on top.

Some of the selections include the Wynwood Walls murals of Miami's NW Second Ave, the bustling bars of New Orleans' Bourbon Street, and the glitz and glam of Los Angeles' Rodeo Drive. The latter city has the most total entries, with three famous streets.

Check out the full list below:

  1. Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL (1,056,081 hashtags)

  2. NW Second Ave, Miami, FL (1,056,081 hashtags)

  3. Bourbon Street, New Orleans, LA (840,049 hashtags)

  4. Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, CA (824,100 hashtags)

  5. The Strip, Las Vegas, NV (606,900 hashtags)

  6. Fifth Avenue, New York City, NY (572,912 hashtags)

  7. Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA (485,000 hashtags)

  8. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL (353,000 hashtags)

  9. Lombard Street, San Francisco, CA (331,200 hashtags)

  10. Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA (315,800 hashtags)