10-Month-Old Goldendoodle Turns Up Pregnant After Stay at Georgia Kennel

A dog owner is battling the Georgia kennel where he claims his dog picked up a case of parasites and allegedly got pregnant by another pup. Steven Schild claims that he sent his Goldendoodle, Nala, to stay at the Savage River Kennels in Chickamauga, Georgia and she came home with an unwelcomed surprise.

Schilds first sent 10-month-old Nala to the kennel for behavior training.

The Doodle dad was hoping that Nala would return leash trained and to have better manners, WFLA reports. Schilds was referred to Savage River by another parent at his daughter's school.

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The trip should've been easy enough. Nala was boarded at the facility from January 31 through February 26. Schilds first noticed something was off because the dog had diarrhea for nearly two weeks.

"We thought that the first day or two it was maybe due to the anxiety from being away but after about a week of it, I mentioned to my wife that something wasn’t normal so we made a vet appointment," he explained to the news outlet.

It was at that appointment that Nala's veterinarian diagnosed her with Giardia, a parasite that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention states is caused by infected feces. Anything that comes in contact with the feces can contract the illness, causing diarrhea, gas, abdominal discomfort, nausea, and vomiting.

A few weeks later, Schild was in for another surprise — the Goldendoodle was pregnant. It was two weeks before she gave birth to her seven puppies that the dog owner saw physical changes in his dogs and then felt the puppies moving in her stomach. Nala gave birth on April 17.

Speaking with Fox Nashville, Schild said there was no signs that Nala was in heat before they sent her to the facility.

"We feel that there was not the supervision that she says that there is there at the place," he told them, speaking of Savage River's owner.

The kennel has said it's not responsible for any pregnancies that happen on their premises. The Schilds signed a contract which said the company will not be held responsible for any costs involved with the pregnancy either. Schild told WFLA that he spent over $2,000 training his dog and has yet to receive a refund from the company.

In another astonishing update, Jason Smith, an employee of the Georgia Department of Agriculture, told Fox Nashville the kennel does not currently have a current kennel license either, but continues to market and advertise their services. They did have a license in the past but it has lapsed. It's unclear if any legal charges can be served but an investigation could be possible if a formal complaint is lodged.

As of this reporting, Schild said he will seek legal advice for his predicament. It's unclear if he's obtained a lawyer.

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