10 Life-Changing Costco Services You Probably Didn’t Know About

If you’re a Costco shopper, you’re probably already aware of your ability to buy household items in bulk and save up when it comes to gas points, but there are other less commonly known perks that come with being a member.

We rounded up 10 benefits from a Costco membership (and services that FinanceBuzz first reported that you might not already know about):

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10 Lesser-Known Perks Of A Costco Membership




1. Hearing Tests And Aids

One surprising fact that FinanceBuzz reports is that Costco is "the most popular individual retailer of hearing aids in the United States."  The wholesale chain also "topped the list for overall satisfaction and is considered to be the best option outside of the Veterans Administration." The in-house Kirkland brand of hearing aids is often praised for its "sound clarity, overall quality and affordability," which is notable as many common insurance plans don't provide funding help for hearing aids.


2. Auto Buying Program

While Costco's auto buying program has been around for three decades, many customers aren't aware of it. As the outlet notes, "Costco itself doesn’t buy cars. Instead, they offer cars through select franchised car sellers at a reduced cost to their members. Many shoppers who buy a car through this program enjoy the fact that they don’t have to get tangled up in negotiation as they would through the traditional buying process."


3. Garage Door Installations

Costco provides garage door installations through Amarr and LiftMaster. According to FinanceBuzz, "It’s easy to begin the purchase of a garage door installation; the first step is to simply call in and request a free at-home installation quote. Costco offers a special incentive through its Executive Member program that allows cardholders to gain 2% cash back on all purchases."

4. Home Solar Panels

Another benefit Costco gives for homeowners is help with custom installation from Sunrun, the largest solar panel provider in the country. As the outlet notes, "Costco offers its members a 10% Shop Card on the purchase of Sunrun equipment."

5. Travel Discounts

Costco members should also check out its travel program, which the site says "gives members exclusive pricing on package vacations, as well as hotel bookings, rental cars, and even cruises."

6. Checks

Through check services from their provider Harland Clarke, Costco allows members to save an "average of 50% on the cost of checks, and can easily order them online without even having to leave the house," as the publication writes.

7. Life Insurance

Along with your home and car, insuring your life is also vital, and this can be done at Costco, as FinanceBuzz points out. The publication writes, "Costco offers life insurance exclusively to its members through Protective. They make it very easy to adjust your policy as necessary and customers report saving an average of 15% on their life insurance costs."

8. Pet Insurance

Costco members also can get their furry friends insured! As FinanceBuzz writes, "Members receive a 15% discount on pet insurance, which is provided through Figo, considered one of the best pet insurance companies. One great thing about this service is that it also offers the opportunity to talk to a live vet online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week."

9. Auto And Home Insurance

Costco offers auto insurance, home insurance and renter’s insurance as well. Their insurance offerings are "underwritten by American Family Insurance and receive rave reviews from consumers," as the outlet notes.


10. Home And Installation Services

You can obtain a quote through your local Costco warehouse when it comes to finding an installer for your new flooring, windows, or even an HVAC system. As FinanceBuzz explains, "if you’re planning to buy a major appliance at Costco, don’t forget that they offer installation too. This includes things like dishwashers, fridges, freezers, stoves, hoods, and more." The more you know!