10 Last-Minute Bargain Getaways for Memorial Day Weekend

No Memorial Day plans yet? Whether it’s because you prefer to be spontaneous or if you just leave everything to last minute (we won’t judge!), you’re not alone. Hotwire.com has released it’s list of the 10 best last-minute travel deals for Memorial Day 2015. These destinations have the biggest price drop since last year, based on the average daily rate for Hotwire hotel rooms.

1. Philadelphia


Hotel prices in the City of Brotherly Love are 15 percent cheaper than last year.
(Photo: Jamesy Pena/Flickr)

2. Miami Beach


Staying in Miami Beach is 11 percent less expensive than in 2014. (Photo: Ricymar Photography/Flickr)

3. Detroit


Motor City hotel rates are down 11 percent. (Photo: James/Flickr)

4. Key West


A few nights in Key West will cost you 8 percent less this year. (Photo: trvlto/Flickr)

5. Myrtle Beach


Lodging prices in the South Carolina hotspot fell 8 percent. (Photo: James Willamor/Flickr)

6. Seattle


Staying in Seattle will impact your pocket less this year — by 7 percent. (Photo: Leah Ginsberg)

7. Kansas City


Kansas City, M.O. is calling, and hotel rates cost 6 percent less. (Photo: Caleb Zahnd/Flickr)

8. Savannah


Hotel stays are 4 percent cheaper in Savannah in 2015. (Photo: Rob Shenk/Flickr)

9. Miami


After a night out in the city of Miami, your room will cost 4 percent less than last year. (Photo: alex de carvalho/Flickr)

10. Portland, Ore.


Portland lodging is down 1 percent. (Photo: Stuart Seeger)

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