10 Insanely Creative Ice Cream Sandwiches We Are Dying to Try

·Food & Travel Intern

As a kid, I was a drop-everything-and-run responder whenever the ice cream truck turned onto my block. My friends and I would sprint to flag it down, clutching spare dollars and coins, and panted as we ordered. Who didn’t? But I never wanted the SpongeBob, Snoopy, and Mega Missile popsicles or the snow cones my friends got. I was an ice cream sandwich girl. I was a fan of the spongy chocolate wafers that were so soft they’d stick to my fingers and the roof of my mouth. And few things were as satisfying as sinking your teeth into the cold vanilla ice cream filling.

Fast-forward to now, the classic summer treat remains alive and well, but has also evolved in a big way. Flavor combinations you couldn’t have imagined as a kid are standard fair at specialty ice cream shops. Recipes for make-at-home versions abound. But for those who enjoy the novelty of chasing these treats down, here are 10 next-level picks you should go out and try.

You just might not find them at your local ice cream truck but we promise, they’re worth the journey.

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