10 Ideas for Decorating Bathroom Countertops

Use these countertop decor ideas to personalize your bathroom.

When it comes to decorating your home, bathrooms are often an afterthought. Yet according to TODAY, the average person spends approximately 420 minutes per week in their bathroom. This adds up to spending over 15 days per year in your bathroom! With so much time spent in the bathroom, it's worth personalizing your space.

<p>Adam Albright</p>

Adam Albright

Whether on rushed weekday mornings or winding down from a busy day, your bathroom should feel tidy and relaxing. Use these bathroom counter decor tips, including easy storage ideas, to elevate your space.

Add Flowers or a Houseplant

<p>Keyanna Bowen</p>

Keyanna Bowen

One of the most simple yet effective ways to decorate bathroom counters is by adding flowers or plants. Choose an arrangement that complements the colors of your bathroom, or incorporate a succulent for a natural accent. Go for a faux arrangement if you want to keep the flowers all year or if your bathroom lacks natural light.

Display Baskets and Canisters

<p>Adam Albright</p>

Adam Albright

Using baskets, jars, and canisters as decor is a simple way to transform your bathroom. Play with textures and sizes that suit your needs and complement your existing bathroom design. Plus, use the decorative baskets and canisters as storage for less glamorous bathroom products you don't want out on display.

Incorporate Natural Materials

<p>John Granen</p>

John Granen

Placing wooden trays and platforms next to the sink can help display and elevate hand soap, lotion, brushes, and room sprays. Decorating bathroom countertops with wooden trays can also add texture and warm up cool bathroom finishes like chrome.

Match Your Dispensers and Containers

<p>Emily Followill</p>

Emily Followill

To give your bathroom counters a streamlined look, match your soap dispenser with other bathroom accessories like canisters and tissue box covers. Having matching decor will also make your counters look more organized.

Display Art

<p>Stacey Brandford</p>

Stacey Brandford

Displaying art pieces is an easy way to show off your personal style and set the tone of the room. Use a neutral, nature-inspired piece to make your bathroom feel more calming, or go for a colorful print to give your bathroom a fun, playful feel.

Roll Your Towels

<p>Jeff Herr</p>

Jeff Herr

Rolling your towels is sure to make your house guests feel like they're at a home spa. Display either hand towels or washcloths in a rolled stack next to your sink for easy access and a spa-like touch.

Include a Statement Piece

<p>Carmel Brantley</p>

Carmel Brantley

Instead of using multiple accessories to decorate bathroom counters, use one statement piece. This could be a larger plant, a piece of artwork, or a group of decorative objects like vases or jars. Place in the center of two sinks or the corner of a single vanity.

Try Amber Glassware

<p>Adam Albright</p>

Adam Albright

Swap in amber glassware for an easy way to add color to your bathroom while keeping the look neutral and relaxing. Try using amber soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, or jars.

Use Glass Trays

<p>Panichgul Studios Inc.</p>

Panichgul Studios Inc.

Glass trays are a classic way to display decorative objects in any room. Because they are neutral, glass trays can fit any style or color scheme. Use a glass tray in your bathroom to display perfume bottles, jewelry, or brushes.

Keep It Clean and Simple

<p>Patrick Biller</p>

Patrick Biller

When in doubt, go for a clean and simple look for your bathroom countertops. Display necessities like soap and hand towels, but store your other toiletries either in cabinets or under the sink.

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