10 Healthy Finds Coming to Aldi This June

These finds will kick-start your summer, simplify your meals and help you master the grill.

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Reviewed by Dietitian Annie Nguyen, M.A., RDReviewed by Dietitian Annie Nguyen, M.A., RD

It’s June, and Aldi is kicking off summer by offering products that will make your meals simple and healthy, whether you feel like cooking or not. You can also become a grill—or griddle—master with some of the tools of the trade. And if it’s been a while since you spread out a picnic in your backyard, they’ve got something for that, too. Let the hot, hazy days of summer begin! Here are a few of our top healthy Aldi finds to help get you started.

Clancy's Sweet Potato Chips

Who doesn't love a good potato chip? And you don’t even need a dip for these crisp chips, as they come in flavors like Farmhouse Ranch and Jalapeño. If you wanted a dip, Aldi has a couple on sale this month, including Park Street Deli Parmesan Asiago and Green Chili Cheddar dips. These sweet potato chips are also gluten-free. Grab a 6-ounce bag for your next cookout for just $2.99.

Whole & Simple Mexican Street Corn or Cilantro Lime Chicken Cauliflower Bowl

My current go-to lunch is a rice bowl. I love that you can load them up with your favorite veggies, whole grains and proteins. And if you’re reducing your carb intake, it’s easy to swap the rice with riced cauliflower. What’s even easier are Whole & Simple’s riced cauliflower bowls—and this month you can get their Mexican Street Corn and Cilantro Lime Riced Cauliflower Bowls for $3.19 each. They’re loaded with grilled white-meat chicken, black beans, roasted corn and roasted red peppers.

Grill Master Collection

If you love to grill, you’ll want to run to Aldi to grab this Grill Master Collection box of beef, pork and chicken from the freezer section before they’re gone. Each box contains two Kansas City strip steaks, two boneless beef ribeye steaks, two bacon-wrapped beef top sirloin steaks, four Cheddar bacon beef patties, four classic beef burgers, two boneless pork chops and two boneless chicken breasts. That’s more than 7 pounds of meat for just $59.99. Any one of our vinaigrettes can double as a marinade for these cuts of meaty fare, so fire up the grill!

Specially Selected Sweet Chili or Feta, Garlic & Herb Hummus Crisps

First, there were chickpeas, then crunchy chickpeas—and now there are crunchy chickpea chips. While noshing on these hummus crisps isn’t as healthy as eating actual chickpeas or hummus, they’re a nice departure from typical chips. And the fact that they’re baked instead of fried helps make them a little healthier. You could also use them as a vehicle to carry your favorite hummus to your mouth or as a crunchy side with your sandwich—just stick to the serving size. You can get these crisps for $2.19 per 4-ounce bag.

Season's Choice Pomegranates and Dark Sweet Pitted Cherries

Summertime is smoothie time in our house, and what better way to make a smoothie than with frozen fruit? Aldi has Season’s Choice frozen pomegranates and dark sweet pitted cherries this month for $5.49 per 24-ounce bag. Both of these fruits are loaded with vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants so you can pack your smoothies with a ton of nutrition. And let’s face it—pitting cherries and getting the seeds out of a whole pomegranate can be tedious, so I love that these are ready to go. Don’t limit yourself to just smoothies, though. You can also use these frozen fruit gems in so many other ways, like Cherry Cobbler on the Grill, Cherry Sorbet or Escarole Salad with Pomegranates & Pistachios.

Park Street Deli Smoky Peach or Mango Habanero Salsa

Grab a bag of your favorite tortilla chips—or the hummus crisps or sweet potato chips we already mentioned—and dig into these Park Street Deli salsas. I love fruity salsas—they add just the right amount of sweetness to balance out the spiciness. This month you can get Park Street Deli’s Smoky Peach or Mango Habanero salsas for $2.79 per 24-ounce container. Both flavors are vegan and gluten-free, so you can please a plethora of palates at your next picnic.

Range Master 4-Piece Griddle Tool Kit

While I prefer grilling, there are times when the outdoor griddle comes in handy—like cooking up breakfast for a crew. But you can’t use your grilling gear for griddling. OK, you probably could, but it’s a lot easier with the right tools. Thankfully, one of the Aldi finds this month is the Range Master 4-Piece Griddle Tool Kit. It comes with two large spatulas, one scraper and one squeeze bottle. If you’re new to griddling, the squeeze bottle can be filled with oil for greasing the griddle or water for deglazing it. Get this kit for $7.99. If you don’t yet have a griddle and are looking for an affordable way to try it out, Aldi is selling a Grill Master 17-inch tabletop gas griddle for $59.99 this month.

Crofton Modern Picnic Basket with Serving Lid

Change up your cookout routine by throwing a blanket on the ground and having a picnic. Aldi has a really sleek picnic basket on sale this month for just $12.99. It comes in three colors: white, sage green and black. Been a while since you went on an actual picnic? Check out our Easy Summer Picnic for ideas on what to pack into your new picnic basket.

Emporium Selection’s Baked Ricotta

I love ricotta or cottage cheese toast. And with Emporium Selection’s Baked Lemon Ricotta and Baked Chocolate Chip Ricotta, I can have a breakfast that tastes a bit like dessert. But don’t stop at just breakfast with these tasty cheeses. These would make a great addition to your charcuterie board, or a simple appetizer with whole-grain crackers. Or if you’re in the mood for something a little sweet, the lemon ricotta would be fabulous layered between two of our Lemon Thins—and the chocolate chip ricotta layered between two Brownie Cookies. Grab these baked ricottas for $3.99 each.

Sundae Shoppe Alex's Lemonade Stand Bars

There’s nothing like an ice-cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day—even better when that lemonade is frozen and on a stick. Sundae Shoppe’s Alex’s Lemonade Stand Bars are exactly that. They come in three refreshing flavors: regular lemonade, pink lemonade and strawberry lemonade. Each box sells for $2.99 and has four bars per box, so grab at least one of each flavor!

These Alex’s Frozen Lemonade Bars are exciting, too, because for the sixth straight year Aldi is helping to fight childhood cancer alongside Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation by donating $1 million to ALSF. ALDI is also encouraging customers to host their own lemonade stands to raise awareness of childhood cancer and donate the proceeds from their lemonade sales to ALSF.

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