10 Hairstyles to Ensure You Never Have a Bad Hair Day Again

There seems to be some cruel rule that ensures our hair only ever looks good when we have absolutely zero appointments in our calendar. And on days when we really, really need it to behave, knots, twists, and flips suddenly appear from thin air, and styling it can feel like such a behemoth of a task that we usually give up after five minutes (okay, 30 seconds). So for those dreaded mornings when you stare at your hair and think why?!, the 10 strategic hairstyles ahead are here to save the (bad) hair day.

Whether it's the morning after a wild night out (or in—don’t underestimate our ability to consume copious amounts of wine while watching Vanderpump Rules), these hairstyles will guarantee your strands look enviably styled for any occasion. From the most eye-catching of hair accessories to a childhood favorite we're determined to resurrect from the dead, keep scrolling 10 hairstyles we consistently resort to on even the grizzliest of bad hair days.

The easiest way to perk up lifeless strands? Spritz your favorite dry shampoo at the roots, twist a two-inch section back away from your crown, and then pin in place with a metal hair accessory like this Modern Metal Bobby Pin ($8) or a pretty velour barrette à la the above model. Bonus points for emulating her enviable curls.

Or create one large winding braid (with compliment-provoking twists and turns) down the back of your head and clip in a head-turning gold barrette instead. We love how unexpected this hairstyle is and appreciate the fact that it's sure to save even the most disastrous of bad hair days. To keep it soft, leave a few pieces out at the front to frame your bone structure.

When in doubt, try a topknot. (This five-minute topknot tutorial makes it easy.) Or make the hairstyle unique by leaving your ends out like models did at the Preen show a few seasons back.

A sleek, low bun will never go out of style. For even more styling inspiration, check out how vlogger CaribBeauty creates her stunning style. Or do like the model above and simply create a ponytail, then a braid, and then a tight wind-around. Followed by thorough pinning, this hairstyle is low-maintenance and effortlessly disguises a bad hair day.

One of the prettiest ways to ensure your ponytail is far from basic (but still staving off bad-hair-day voodoo)? Dreadlocks. For inspiration, we suggest eyeing pre-chop Zoë Kravitz or the model above for the ultimate hair vibe. We also happen to love her peekaboo hints of caramel color (just sayin').

This cool-girl hairstyle can be done in less than two minutes—yes, really. The good old slick-back merely requires some gloss, oil, or gel (or just a touch of all three), a dusting of hair spray, and practically zero effort. We're hooked.

These double fishtail braids actually work better on second-day hair. Plus, they easily transition from the water (be it the beach, pool, or bubble bath) into your evening plans—whatever those may be. We even suggest sleeping in this bad-hair-day hairstyle for enhanced texture and volume the following day.

Try creating a look with cornrows. We love how this model's braids morph into a chic braided bun in back.

When in doubt, reach for your bobby pins to create an elegant and versatile half-up style like this one. Of course, there are tons of variations, and this simple tutorial will show you exactly how to re-create something similar to the above.

A ponytail is the most classic way to solve a bad hair day in mere minutes. However, if your day requires a bit more polish than your ho-hum tail evokes, elevate it with a pretty ribbon to take the hairstyle to the next level.

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This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated by Erin Jahns.