10 Funny Valentine's Day Memes Parents Can Relate To

Lilian Ogbuefi
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Parents know that the Valentine’s Days of the past, with romantic dates or — maybe even better — extravagant evenings of solo time, are gone. But that doesn’t mean the holiday can’t be celebrated as a family, as well as on your phone, in the form of Valentine’s Day memes.

Celebrating Valentines Day as a parent, as we know, can be tricky. Although the holiday calls for surprises, gifts, and perhaps some quiet time with your spouse, the reality, more often than not, treads along the lines of a regular day of parenting. Parents put their kids to rest and hope to have a few hours of romantic time together before the sun rises again on a new day of being a busy mom or dad. If you’re lucky, the holiday has some joy or romance, or maybe even an amazing gift like your partner taking the kids for an afternoon so you can snag a nap. However it plays out, the Internet is there for you with funny Valentine’s day memes that parents can relate to.

No. 1: The Reality of Married Life

No. 2: The Even Darker Reality of Married Life

No. 3: Acts of Service Are Romantic, Too

No. 4: When V-Day Is Entirely About Homework

No. 5: Being A New Parent ≠ Romance

No. 6: The Romance of a Lived-In Relationship

No. 7: The Last Minute V-Day Card Grab

No. 8: This NSFW Option

No. 9: When Everyone Else Has a Date…

No. 10: In Is the New Out

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