27 Ridiculously Cool Halloween Hairstyles That Don’t Even Require a Costume

RuBuddemeyer, Lauren Adhav
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From Cosmopolitan

Anyone else think it’s kinda effing weird that Halloween is literal weeks away? Like, I’m sorry, but 2020 has felt both stupidly long and ridiculously short. And even though October 31 is going to look a little bit different this year, I still think dressing up is nonnegotiable. Buuut since piecing together an elaborate costume feels a little...well, exhausting, I’m putting all my energy (or what’s left of it? 2020 has done a number on me, y'all) into my Halloween hairstyle.

Like, I'm talking hairstyles that are so cool you don't even need a costume (hi, Midsommar flower crowns, Joe Exotic-inspired haircuts, etc.). Sure, you might want to pair 'em with a touch of makeup, but I'm telling you—these Halloween looks are all about the hair. So do yourself a favor and check them out, below. I promise you'll find something to get you pumped for Halloween (even if you'll be celebrating on Zoom—like me!).

1. This Princess Jasmine Halloween hairstyle

K, can we talk about how freakin' pretty this Princess Jasmine braid looks for Halloween? IMO, the wispy, romantic texture is cute enough to completely carry the look (but a blue dress and a gold crown definitely aren't bad add-ons). Pro tip: Blast your hair with dry shampoo before recreating this braid—it'll help get create some nice grit for easy styling.

2. This devil horn hairstyle for Halloween

The actual definition of a Halloween hairstyle, this devil-horn look is both creative as f*ck and super cute. You'll need some red clip-in hair extensions to really nail this one (and maybe an extra set of hands to help you install them), but the end result is beyond worth it.

3. This Dua Lipa Halloween hairstyle

I mean, is there anything cooler—or more recognizable—than Dua Lipa's two-toned hair color? I love the idea of recreating her exact hairstyle from her Future Nostalgia album, like this creative makeup artist, @Kiaraeshimua, did here. A wig, or some temporary hair dye, are nonnegotiable for this look, as is a sleek topknot with face-framing tendrils. Psst: A lightweight hairspray will be your BFF if you want to make the style last through the night.

4. This lioness Halloween hairstyle

If you're looking to embrace your natural texture for your Halloween hairstyle, you'll love this pretty lioness look from @Joyjah. To get plenty of definition and volume, make sure you rake an ultra-hydrating curl cream through your hair before you recreate this look. BTW: Cute little lion ears are optional, but, like, totally encouraged.

5. This Tiger King Halloween hairstyle

Would this really be a Halloween 2020 roundup without at least one Tiger King reference? There are obviously a lot of ways you can interpret Joe Exotic's signature look, but I'm personally a fan of focusing primarily on his haircut. DW, I'm not expecting you to chop off your hair in the name of Halloween—but you can buy a mullet wig and give it a little trim. Easy enough, right?

6. This Midsommar Halloween hairstyle

Whether Midsommar scared the sh*t out of you or it became one of your favorite movies, there's no denying that the May Queen is a pretty epic Halloween hairstyle. All you'll need is an over-the-top flower crown (helloooo, Amazon) and a few of Florence Pugh's haunting facial expressions. Done and done!

7. This Billie Eilish Halloween hairstyle

I can basically guarantee this Halloween hairstyle will be a success at your friend's Halloween party. Like, Billie Eilish is an icon, and her neon-green roots are instantly recognizable. Again, hair dye isn't a requirement for this look (unless you want to go all in with a tinted spray or a temporary dye)—there are actually tons of lookalike wigs on Amazon right now.

8. This Harley Quinn Halloween hairstyle

Consider this Halloween hairstyle a subtle approach to Harley Quinn’s signature look. Rather than wear pigtails, wrap two (temporarily dyed) braids into knots at the crown of your head.

9. This Scarface Halloween hairstyle

Channel Michelle Pfeiffer’s iconic Elvira Hancock hairstyle with some hot rollers and a shit-ton of hairspray (I’m a fan of Amika Fluxus Touchable Hairspray and Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray.) Or, you know, invest in a wig with thick bangs and rolled-in ends and call it a day.

10. This Black Panther Halloween hairstyle

Show your love for Wakanda with these amazing, next-level braids. Make sure you complete the look with a bunch of gold cuffs to really bring the Black Panther vibes home.

11. This devil Halloween hairstyle

Considering you wore cat ears the last three Halloweens in a row, I’d say it’s definitely time to mix things up. This devil-horn tutorial is surprisingly easy to recreate (you’ll need a classic black headband, black wire, and bobby pins), but a costume to match is totally optional.

12. This Queen Victoria Halloween hairstyle

Channel royalty by creating a huge braided bun at the nape of your neck, add a crown, and watch everyone bow down because of how amazing your hair looks.

13. This Margot Tenenbaum Halloween hairstyle

Meet my favorite last-minute Halloween costume of all time: Margot Tenenbaum from Wes Anderson’s The Royal Tenenbaums. The key to emulating Gwyneth Paltrow’s angsty character is all in the hair. Comb your (straightened) lob into a blunt middle part, securing a large chunk with a barrette (or two!).

14. This Medusa Halloween hairstyle

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M E D U S A 🐍

A post shared by [MiMi] † (@_yo_mimi) on Oct 28, 2017 at 4:11pm PDT

Weaving rubber snakes through your hair isn’t exactly the easiest of tasks, so I’d suggest beginning this look by separating your hair into multiple small sections and styling them into messy buns. Then, wrap the fake snakes through your bun loops and you’ll be ready to turn people into stone with one look.

15. This Ice Queen Halloween hairstyle

This *chill* Halloween hairstyle is way easier to re-create than it looks. All you’ll need is white hair spray and some hair glitter to make Ice Queen–worthy frosted roots.

16. This Marie Antoinette Halloween hairstyle

If you have a teasing comb and a lot of hair spray, you can totally achieve the sky-high volume that’s required of a Marie Antoinette–inspired look. Use a curling wand to create a few face-framing ringlets, and finish off with some hair accessories.

17. This Ariana Grande Halloween hairstyle

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God is a woman

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If wearing a butt-length, Ariana Grande–worthy ponytail to your 9-to-5 job isn’t totally realistic, you at least have permission to try it on Halloween. Unless you’ve got naturally long hair, this Halloween hairstyle will call for a clip-in ponytail.

18. This Wednesday Addams Halloween hairstyle

Using liquid or gel eyeliner, create a widow’s peak—if you don’t already have one—in the middle of your hairline. Then, part your hair down the middle and braid the two sections into pigtails for a look that would make Wednesday Addams proud.

19. This Rosie the Riveter Halloween hairstyle

Whether you’re dressing up as Rosie the Riveter or maybe a retro pin-up model, wearing an updo with a red bandana is an easy (and cheap!) way to make your costume known.

20. This unicorn Halloween hairstyle

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Ok last one I promise 🦄🦄🦄🦄

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Go all out with a silver glitter ponytail—complete with a giant unicorn horn—for a costume that’s ~extra~ in the best possible way. Just keep in mind that glitter isn’t the easiest to wash out of your hair, so work a dollop of coconut oil through damp strands to loosen up the pigment before you shampoo.

21. This cat ears Halloween hairstyle

Who needs to buy a pair of cat ears at a Halloween store when you can make them out of your own hair? Recreate this genius look by wrapping strips of hair around two bent flexi rods.

22. This Wonder Woman Halloween hairstyle

With a large round-barrel brush and a layer of humidity-fighting hair spray, blow-dry your hair to get smooth, bouncy waves that are totally fit for a superhero.

23. This “Formation” Halloween hairstyle

Will Beyoncé’s “Formation” hairstyle ever not be iconic? Nope. Simply braid your hair into tight pigtails, topping off the look with a statement hat and jewelry.

24. This lion Halloween hairstyle

This Halloween hairstyle is all about volume, so make sure you have a texturizing spray on hand (Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray and Verb Sea Texture Spray are two of my fave formulas). After curling your hair, spray the heck out of it with texturizing spray, then flip your head over and scrunch. Keep repeating until your hair is huge and lion-like, back-combing for added volume.

25. This elf Halloween hairstyle

Halloween hairstyles definitely aren’t off the table if you’ve got shorter hair. A choppy pixie cut is the perfect way to show off a pair of pointy elf ears.

26. This galaxy girl Halloween hairstyle

If you want to dress up as a galaxy girl this Halloween, the time to perfect these glittery, colorful space buns is right freaking now. Temporary dye (this spray-on formula is a fan favorite) and hair-friendly glitter should be in your Amazon cart ASAP.

27. This Khaleesi-inspired Halloween hairstyle

These dreamy, Khaleesi-inspired braids are so damn pretty, you won’t even need a set of dragons to complete your look. Oh, and if braids aren’t totally in your skill set, this spot-on Game of Thrones wig will work just as well.

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