10 Easter Flower Arrangements to Elevate Your Table Setting—Starting at $30

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Fresh cut flowers brighten your mood and space, which is why they are an excellent gift for yourself or a loved one. And there's no better time than now to add blooms to your home. You've survived another long winter (and year) and Easter is this Sunday, April 4. Whether you want to dress up your holiday tablespace or send someone a thoughtful flower arrangement, ProFlowers's fast and free shipping and incredible selection of bouquets makes your shopping experience a breeze—just remember to place your order before the afternoon deadlines.

Each flower arrangement has different size options so you can choose the one that best fits your needs. And thanks to ProFlowers's ethical labor standards, you can rest assured that your flowers are coming from flower farms with safe working conditions. Want to support a local business? Just look for bouquets marked 'Local Florist Crafted.'

The Easter flower arrangements include bouquets filled with daisies, tulips, and lilies in shades of yellow, pink, and purple. The Garden Glam Bouquet deserves to be noticed in either your entryway or living room, and the Alluring Elegance Bouquet is a work of art worthy of your Easter table setting. With bouquets starting at $30, ProFlowers offers arrangements at every price point.

It doesn't stop at flowers: You can shop beautifully arranged Easter-themed gift baskets, including a Sunday brunch basket and a chocolate and candy assortment. Plant lovers will be in heaven with the plethora of indoor and outdoor greenery options available. While arrangements in glass vases work well for formal Easter table centerpieces, lush leaves and succulents arrive in baskets and planters fit for an everyday aesthetic.

Ready to pick out your Easter bouquet? We've highlighted 10 flower arrangements and plants for every price point and style. If you want to see even more options, simply head to the ProFlowers's Easter shop.

Garden Glam Bouquet

Filled with carnations, daisies, and mini roses, this bouquet adds pretty shades of pink to your home. Plus, the eucalyptus accents are aesthetically pleasing and emit an appealing aroma.

Buy It: Garden Glam Bouquet, starting at $65

Belle of the Ball Bouquet

This whimsical bouquet, featuring vibrant lilies and irises, is a conversation starter. The arrangement arrives in bud form, so you'll want to order it one or two days before your celebration.

Buy It: Belle of the Ball Bouquet, starting at $40

Comfort and Grace Bouquet

This locally crafted bouquet radiates joy thanks to its white and yellow flowers and delicate base. The assortment of roses, hydrangeas, and lilies is a winner, whether you're sending it to yourself or a loved one.

Buy It: Comfort and Grace Bouquet, starting at $80

Spring Breeze Multicolored Tulip Bouquet

Tulips and springtime go hand in hand, which is why this bountiful bouquet is a beautiful way to dress your Easter tablescape. Featuring a mix of pink, red, purple, and yellow blooms, the arrangement represents happiness and good luck.

Buy It: Spring Breeze Multicolored Tulip Bouquet, starting at $50

Alluring Elegance Bouquet

Hosting a formal Easter dinner? This bouquet instantly enhances the elegance of the room thanks to its collection of Queen Anne's lace, veronica, lilies, and other exquisite flowers. If it's going to be the centerpiece, consider the "grand" size that comes in a taller glass vase.

Buy It: Alluring Elegance Bouquet, starting at $70

Sweet Delight Bouquet

This pastel-hued bouquet comes in a glass vase and is packed with carnations, daisies, and roses. It delivers the right amount of joy and sophistication for an Easter table setting.

Buy It: Sweet Delight Bouquet, starting at $60

Cherry Vanilla Bouquet

This bouquet is one of the most affordable options ProFlowers has to offer, but that doesn't mean it isn't stunningly beautiful. The arrangement consists of farm-fresh gerbera daisies, Peruvian lilies, and roses in shades of white, red, and pink.

Buy It: Cherry Vanilla Bouquet, starting at $30

Blush Crush Bouquet

This bouquet works well for Sunday brunch because of its bright white and blush blooms. Plus, the flowers are arranged in a curved glass vase that can be used for future bouquets or as shelf decor.

Buy It: Blush Crush Bouquet, starting at $55

Bold and Bursting Pink Azalea Plant

This plant offers a mix of floral and greenery that's equally eye-catching as a centerpiece or on a plant stand. Suitable for indoor growing, it thrives in indirect sunlight with partial shade.

Buy It: Bold and Bursting Pink Azalea Plant, starting at $50

Fresco Pink Calla Lily Plant

Standing at 1 1/2-feet tall, this calla lily plant steals the show no matter its location. It can live indoors or outdoors, so you might want to consider buying two to decorate your home's interior and exterior.

Buy It: Fresco Pink Calla Lily Plant, starting at $50