10 Drug-Free Allergy Remedies

Spring is here — great news if you’re totally over the snow and cold, but nothing to cheer about if you’re one of the millions of adults with seasonal allergies.

Unlike allergies to pet dander or dust, which can strike year-round, seasonal allergies are triggered by a sensitivity to particles that drench the air in the spring and fall, such as pollen and mold, Robert Graham, MD, director of integrative health and wellness at North Shore LIJ Health System, tells Yahoo Health. Even a little exposure — say during your afternoon run or at an outdoor café — can leave your eyes itchy, watery, and red and stuff up your nose and sinuses.

To ease the misery, you could pop over-the-counter or prescription allergy medications. Problem is, even the non-drowsy kind might give you brain fog. They can be pricy, too, and then there’s the whole question of if you really want to rely on meds so much. Instead, score relief with these natural, drug-free remedies.

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