10 Designer-Recommended Paint Colors That Will Make Your Small Space Feel Bigger

What updates are best for a small space? As it turns out, the most impactful may be the easiest to change: the paint color. If a room in your home feels cramped and needs a refresh, a little expert advice can give you the confidence to transform it. Nicole Gibbons, Founder, and CEO of Clare Paint, offers her thoughts on how to get it right: "Light, bright colors draw less attention to themselves and help to make a space feel bigger—largely because they disappear," she says. "On the other hand, darker colors tend to recede from view, so a more saturated color on the walls could help to 'push' the walls out and therefore give the appearance of a larger space." If you're wondering which way to go in your home, mixing these two ideas can be a great solution, she says. "What I like to do is combine both strategies by choosing a darker color for flooring, like an espresso or walnut toned hardwood floor, and pair that with a crisp light color on the walls," she says. Clare's Whipped or Wing It are great options to try. This way, she says, "you get the best of both worlds." Atlanta-based interior designer Alice Cramer encourages readers to consider how much light is streaming in before making a decision. "If there is nice natural light, then a dark paint color can be really lovely," she says. "However, I would recommend doing the walls and trim all in the same color if you go this route to make the space feel larger. If there is no natural light, I would explore lighter colors." Whether you're planning to go bold or stick to neutrals, read on for advice and paint color recommendations from top Southern designers you can trust.