10 Of The Best Restaurants In The US To Eat At On Thanksgiving, According To Yelp

Thanksgiving table setting
Thanksgiving table setting - Vera Prokhorova/Shutterstock

As one of the biggest holidays of the year, Thanksgiving is an opportunity to express gratitude for all of our blessings by sharing a meal with family and friends. For many, the holiday is the crowning jewel of autumn that ties together fall flavors with a cozy, communal spirit. A typical Thanksgiving feast includes a wide variety of delicious dishes that can be quite labor-intensive, and preparing a meal of this size is no easy feat. There's also the aftermath in the kitchen with the inevitable pile of dirty dishes to clean up. At a certain point, you might ask yourself if there's an easier way to do this. The answer is yes -- you let a restaurant do all the work for you.

Of course, Thanksgiving is an important meal; you only want to go to a restaurant that you know you can trust. To help steer you in the right direction, we've combed through reviews on Yelp to find some of the best spots to score the special dinner you're looking for this year.

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Seasons 52

Seasons 52 Thanksgiving plate
Seasons 52 Thanksgiving plate - Seasons 52 / Facebook

Let's face it — we've all had bad turkey. When it has been overcooked to the point of no return, no amount of gravy can truly save it. If you don't want to roll the dice this year, Seasons 52 is a safe bet. In fact, customers on Yelp rave about it, with one reviewer saying that it, "was among the best I have ever eaten. Juicy, flavorful, and plentiful."

The Thanksgiving food at Seasons 52 includes a bounty of traditional fixings. Turkey, gravy, Yukon mashed potatoes, brioche and sage stuffing, green beans, butternut squash, cranberry relish, and pumpkin pie bites are all available for diners. The turkey at Seasons 52 is all-natural and simply prepared to bring out its natural flavors. The kitchen brines the turkey in sea salt and water before getting roasted to perfection.

Not only is all the food at Seasons 52 delicious, but reviewers also note that the prices are reasonable, coming in at $40 per adult and $18 per child. And considering there are multiple locations spread out across more than 20 states, there's a good chance that this feast is happening close by.

Ruth's Chris Steak House

Ruth's Chris Steak House turkey and gravy
Ruth's Chris Steak House turkey and gravy - Ruth/Facebook

Ruth's Chris Steakhouse might be known for its steak dinners, but don't let that stop you from considering it a worthwhile destination on Thanksgiving; the famous steakhouse chain also happens to whip up an impressive traditional turkey dinner. Diners on Yelp have awarded it with a perfect rating of five stars, thanks to the spectacular service and amazing Thanksgiving spread.

Ruth's Chris serves up a three-course Thanksgiving dinner for $48 per adult and $17 per child. The dinner starts with your choice of a Caesar salad, steakhouse salad, or lobster bisque that's made with a touch of brandy. For the entree, you'll enjoy a traditional sliced turkey with sausage and herb stuffing, homemade gravy, and cranberry relish. There are four sides available to choose from, including sweet potato casserole, garlic mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, and green beans with roasted garlic. To wrap the meal up with a sweet treat, diners can look forward to pumpkin cheesecake served with vanilla ice cream. For diners hoping to expand their horizons beyond turkey, Ruth's Chris also offers its regular menu on Thanksgiving.

Napa Valley Wine Train (Napa, California)

Turkey dinner and wine
Turkey dinner and wine - Napa Valley Wine Train/Facebook

Imagine rolling by trees blazing with fall colors in a vintage train while you enjoy the bounty of a luxurious Thanksgiving meal. The Napa Valley Wine Train can make that dream a reality. The Thanksgiving menu includes options like roasted turkey, whipped potatoes, giblet gravy, beef tenderloin, and ricotta gnocchi with roasted butternut squash and sage brown butter. But make sure to leave room for dessert since you don't want to miss out on the pumpkin creme brûlée or chocolate chip pecan pie.

The train's route takes off from Northern California and then travels south for a leisurely stroll through some of the most beautiful farmland in the country. According to diners on Yelp, the landscape and the Thanksgiving spread on this train ride are equally beautiful. The package is $375 per person. If you're looking for a truly special way to soak up some picturesque autumn scenery and enjoy truly delicious food and wine along the way, it's hard to top a ride on the Napa Valley Wine Train this Thanksgiving.

Cantwell's Tavern (Odessa, Delaware)

Cured meats, cheeses, peppers, olives, and breads
Cured meats, cheeses, peppers, olives, and breads - Cantwell's Tavern / Facebook

Cantwell's Tavern in Odessa, Delaware, has it all: a reasonably-priced yet delicious three-course Thanksgiving dinner along with six fireplaces that guarantee cozy ambiance. With a four-star rating after hundreds of reviews on Yelp, it's clear that Cantwell's Tavern goes above and beyond to please its diners.

The meal starts with your choice of three salads or mushroom bisque. For the main course, there's citrus sage turkey, honey-roasted ham, or maple-glazed salmon. When it comes to the sides, Cantwell's also has plenty of options, including homemade gravy, garlic mashed potatoes, Italian sausage stuffing, champagne cranberry sauce, and bourbon brown sugar sweet potatoes. To satisfy your sweet tooth, you can enjoy apple or pumpkin pie, pumpkin rolls, and cinnamon ice cream. The restaurant also offers à la carte table enhancements like charcuterie boards, deviled eggs, oysters, and crab dip.

Between all the flickering fireplaces and the kitchen's amazing spread, Cantwell's Tavern is easily one of the best spots in the country to dine this Thanksgiving. The three-course dinner runs $49 per person, while à la carte items range from $2.50 to $19.99.

The Capital Grille

The Capital Grille Thanksgiving feast
The Capital Grille Thanksgiving feast - The Capital Grille / Facebook

The Capital Grille is a steakhouse chain with over 60 locations across the country. The restaurant's regular dinner menu is known for dishes like steak tartare, fried calamari with hot cherry peppers, caramelized French onion soup, and coffee-rubbed bone-in New York strip steaks. But when Thanksgiving rolls around, it features a special menu to host customers during one of the biggest holidays of the year.

The Capital Grille's Thanksgiving menu is focused on the basics, but they are very well-executed. Slow-roasted turkey, stuffing, green beans, and cranberry-pear chutney are all available. There are also two types of potatoes, traditional mashed and pecan-crusted sweet potatoes with hot honey, in addition to slices of pumpkin cheesecake. Diners on Yelp have been amazed by The Capital Grille's Thanksgiving spread, cheerfully noting, "I couldn't believe how much turkey they gave us. The turkey was so moist, but had a nice crispy skin."

The prices run $40 per adult and $20 per child. When you want to leave the cooking up to another kitchen, The Capital Grille is a wise choice indeed.


Fleming's Prime Steakhouse Thanksgiving dinner
Fleming's Prime Steakhouse Thanksgiving dinner - Fleming's Prime Steakhouse / Facebook

When families are a bit divided with their food preferences, finding the right restaurant on Thanksgiving can be a challenge. Most of the time, there's a single set menu for adults and children alike, which might pose a problem for kids who aren't particularly adventurous when it comes to food. The good news is that Fleming's is a family-friendly haven in this kind of citation, due its special three-course children's menu.

The Thanksgiving children's menu starts off with a choice of cheese and crackers or salad. The cheese and cracker plate also includes fresh vegetables and a side of ranch dressing for dipping. For the entree, kids have the option to choose macaroni and cheese topped with crispy bacon or they can keep it traditional with turkey and gravy. They can also order a 6-ounce steak filet. The adult Thanksgiving dinner menu comes with more options, such as lobster bisque, bone-in ribeye, carrot cake, and a salted caramel espresso martini.

On Yelp, diners have awarded Fleming's with a perfect 5-star rating for its Thanksgiving meal, praising virtually the entire spread for its deliciousness. For a meal that's sure to please everyone at the table, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more well-rounded Thanksgiving deal than the one at Fleming's. Prices range from $56 to $86 per adult and $17 to $29 per child, depending on the entree.

Prime And Provisions (Chicago, Illinois)

Thanksgiving feast at Prime and Provisions
Thanksgiving feast at Prime and Provisions - Prime and Provisions / Facebook

Prime and Provisions in Chicago, Illinois, might be one of the pricier Thanksgiving feasts on this list, but for those willing to splurge on a special meal, the quality here makes it all well worth it. The Thanksgiving Grand Feast is $95 per adult and $35 for children ages 7 to 12; the meal is complimentary for children six and under, which makes it a good spot for families. Diners on Yelp are often impressed with the moist turkey and generous portion sizes.

The menu is well-curated and eclectic without being overly expansive, offering a decadent twist on all of the traditional Thanksgiving dishes a diner could dream of. Chopped salad and Caesar salad kick the meal off, followed by choices that include crab legs, shrimp, and oysters. Freshly-carved prime rib — perhaps the most prized meat of the whole holiday season — is also readily available. Maple-glazed ham on the bone and herb-roasted turkey are also on the menu. The meal features eight different side dishes for diners to choose from, including decadent macaroni and cheese, traditional stuffing, whipped potatoes, green bean casserole, and roasted sweet corn, to name a few. On the sweet side, there are traditional holiday pies, pastries, bread pudding, and various bite-sized desserts.

Yard House

Yard House beer pouring
Yard House beer pouring - Yard House / Facebook

Thanksgiving is a time for celebration, and what better way to celebrate than with a cold brew? With over 100 beers on tap and a feast featuring both traditional and unique dishes, Yard House is a good call for beer lovers on Thanksgiving.

What's really special about Yard House's Thanksgiving feast is that the restaurant offers a choice between baked and fried turkey that's prepared Nashville-style -- fried crispy with a hint of heat. Seeing as how Yard House is known for its wide selection of beers, it only makes sense that for each type of turkey, it also makes two recommendations to accompany your feast. You'll also find parmesan mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, sausage stuffing, and brussels sprouts on the holiday menu. The Thanksgiving meal is $26.95 per adult.

Eddie V's

Eddie V's turkey and gravy
Eddie V's turkey and gravy - Eddie V's / Facebook

Eddie V's might be known for its fresh seafood and prime steaks, but it also prepares a pretty amazing Thanksgiving feast as well that reviewers rave about. One happy diner noted at Yelp, "Thanksgiving turkey dinner was truly wonderful!!... Food and drinks were excellent and met expectations."

The Thanksgiving dinner menu at Eddie V's includes slow-roasted turkey with pan gravy, French green beans with sun-dried tomatoes, brioche sage stuffing, cranberry chutney, mashed potatoes, and a bread basket for the table. For dessert, satisfy your sweet tooth with a pumpkin pie tartlet and a scoop of pecan ice cream. The combination of pumpkin pie and pecan ice cream provides the perfect fusion of fall flavors, finishing the meal with a delicious bang.

The Thanksgiving dinner is $50 per adult and $20 per child. Praised for its excellent service and top-notch food, Eddie V's is definitely a smooth move when you're on the prowl for a memorable Thanksgiving meal.

Cracker Barrel

Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving dinner
Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving dinner - Cracker Barrel

At the heart of Thanksgiving is the timeless desire to feel a sense of belonging. At some restaurants, whether due to an overly elegant pretentiousness or potentially stiff service, that can be a difficult vibe to conjure. But with Cracker Barrel's casual and inviting atmosphere, it's effortless to feel at ease, making it a fantastic choice for an easy-going Thanksgiving that's affordable yet flavorful.

Cracker Barrel's Homestyle Turkey N' Dressing Meal comes with stuffing, gravy, cranberry relish, sweet potato casserole topped with pecans, green beans, rolls, and a slice of pumpkin pie. Reviews on Yelp confirm that diners are pleased with the restaurant's moist turkey and tasty side dishes. This feast at Cracker Barrel is so filling that you're bound to have some inevitable Thanksgiving leftovers. Cracker Barrel's Thanksgiving meals also happen to be some of the cheapest deals on this list at only $15.99, which gives it some major bonus points in our book.

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