The 11 Best Places to Order Your Christmas Cards Online

Christmas cards
Christmas cards

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Best Christmas Card Designs

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Best Gold Foil Cards

msl - 57 BUY IT

Best Christmas Card Templates

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Most Personalized Christmas Cards

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Best Modern Christmas Cards

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Best Vintage Christmas Cards

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Best Digital Christmas Cards

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Best Holiday Magnet Prints

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Best Pop-Up Christmas Cards

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Best Photo Christmas Cards

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Best Boxed Christmas Cards

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There are two types of people in the world when it comes to sending Christmas cards: The first are those who use professional photos taken months in advance and write long, in-depth notes filling recipients in on the family happenings from the last 12 months; the second are those who forget Christmas is happening until after Thanksgiving, then scramble to pull a useable family photo from social media and get a card ordered before the new year arrives.

Regardless of which camp you fall into, companies like Minted, Rifle Paper Co., and Shutterfly have wide arrays of design templates, custom cards made to order, and other greeting card options for both the early birds and the last-minute folks. No matter when you order your cards, these companies can help you design a holiday greeting everyone will be talking about this season.

The 11 Best Places to Buy Christmas Cards Online in 2021

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Best Christmas Card Designs: Rifle Paper Co.

It's always fun to admire the various designs of Christmas cards when they arrive in the mail, and Rifle Paper Co. delivers big time in terms of aesthetics. With artistic designs like wintry cityscapes, holiday bouquets, and scenes of Christmas trees, rustic farms, and more, these cards will stand out among all the rest. Individual cards start at $5, but for larger orders, consider getting boxed sets of eight cards for $20 to take advantage of the lower cost per card. Every card comes with a blank interior so you have space to write a personal note to your loved ones. With more than 60 cards to choose from, Rifle Paper Co. has a design for nearly everyone.

Shop Now: Rifle Paper Co. Cards, from $5 per card,

Christmas cards
Christmas cards

Best Gold Foil Cards: Minted

For a little extra sparkle, Minted's foil holiday cards are a gorgeous option that will literally shine brighter than any other card your loved ones receive this year. Of course, gold foil isn't your only choice: You can also pick from green, red, black, blue, silver, and rose gold options. These cards are all sold in sets—from 25 all the way up to 5,000—and prices start at $57 but increase depending on your order size and customization requests. Personalize your cards by choosing the silhouette shape, the format (flat or folded card), and the paper type. With options for traditional cards or photo cards, you can find the perfect greeting card to represent your family at Minted.

Shop Now: Minted Cards, from $57 per set,

Christmas cards
Christmas cards

Best Christmas Card Templates: Vistaprint

If you want to design your own card, Vistaprint offers creative templates that allow total freedom for moving text around and choosing your photos, colors, and trim. After selecting a card that catches your attention, you''ll move to a design studio page that lets you play around with different features. Before you're able to submit your order, you'll be asked to approve the final design to ensure everything looks the way you want it. Standard pricing is $1.85 per card, but because the lowest order option is 10 cards, the total price comes out to $18.50 for the set. However, the per-card price drops to $1.41 with larger orders (up to 10,000 cards). With more than 2,000 Christmas and holiday card templates, Vistaprint has everything you need to design your ideal greeting card.

Shop Now: Vistaprint Cards, from $1.41 per card,

Christmas cards
Christmas cards

Most Personalized Christmas Cards: Shutterfly

For customers who want a say in every step of the design process, Shutterfly offers complete customization of its Christmas cards for a highly personalized experience. When looking for the perfect Christmas card, you can search through different formats (flat, folded, tri-folded), card sizes, styles (contemporary, classic, rustic), trim options, design colors, and price. Once you've narrowed it down to one card, you can further personalize it by selecting the paper quality and changing the layout, text, and more. These cards range from $0.79 to $2.89 per card, depending on how many you order. Higher orders (up to 1,000 cards) decrease the per-card price. Design the card you've been dreaming of all year at Shutterfly.

Shop Now: Shutterfly Cards, from $0.79 per card,

Christmas cards
Christmas cards

Best Modern Christmas Cards: Tiny Prints

For whimsical graphic designs, look to Tiny Prints's modern Christmas cards. Featuring polka dots, photo grids, stencil lettering, and other fun elements, these cards will bring a smile to your loved one's face. The standard price for one card is $2.89, but the price steadily drops as you order more—for example, the cost comes out to $1.48 per card for orders of more than 200 cards (envelopes included). Select your trim design and paper quality from options like smooth cardstock, shimmer cardstock, and double-thick cardstock. If you'd prefer to address and mail the cards yourself, you can indicate that on your order, or you can have Tiny Prints mail them for you!

Shop Now: Tiny Prints Cards, from $1.48 per card,

Christmas cards
Christmas cards

Best Vintage Christmas Cards: Zazzle

Want to stand out from the crowd? Send a vintage Christmas card this year. Zazzle's collection of vintage cards is beautifully nostalgic. Displaying retro characters from another era, classic designs like a red vintage truck with a Christmas tree in the back, and images that could easily be found on a sewn pillow, these cards are downright enchanting. Prices range from $0.35 to $4.95 per card, and you can get up to 2,000 cards depending on your selection. Zazzle's vintage Christmas cards are so unique, your friends and family might just keep them as momentos for years to come.

Shop Now: Zazzle Cards, from $0.35 per card,

Christmas cards
Christmas cards

Best Digital Christmas Cards: GroupGreeting

If you want to send a Christmas card from a large group, such as an entire workplace or a family who's spread out across the country, GroupGreeting can get the job done. This digital Christmas card service allows multiple people to access each card so it can be filled in with notes and signatures from any location. Buying an individual card on GroupGreeting is $4.99, but when you sign up for an annual plan (allowing you to send group cards throughout the year), the price drops per card. Since GroupGreeting is a digital card service, you don't have to worry about on-time mail delivery. It will reach your recipient's inbox immediately.

Shop Now: GroupGreeting Cards, from $2.99 per card,

Christmas cards
Christmas cards

Best Holiday Magnet Prints: Walgreens

Since many people display holiday cards on the fridge, why not send a magnetic one to make things easy? Walgreens has a vast collection of magnet holiday cards ranging from $3.59 to $3.99 each, depending on how many units you buy (up to 500). The magnet cards come in a 5x7 size and have a variety of different templates, just like standard cardstock ones. Choose from photo cards, glittery options, and much more when you buy your holiday cards from Walgreens. Your Christmas card will be the star on fridges across the country this holiday season.

Shop Now: Walgreens Cards, from $3.59 per magnet,

Christmas cards
Christmas cards

Best Pop-Up Christmas Cards: Lovepop

Lovepop takes the classic Christmas card and makes it three-dimensional with its famous pop-up cards. Options include a Nativity scene, a flower basket, Santa's sleigh, and wreaths, to name a few. Since the cards boast such intricate designs, they cost between $13 and $26 each, so these works of art should probably be saved for the VIPs in your life. However, when you buy these cards in a set, the price per card drops—for example, you can get five cards for $50 (or $10 per card). You may choose blank interiors if you want to handwrite a note, or add a message and photo to your order, which Lovepop will send along with the card.

Shop Now: Lovepop Cards, from $10 per card,

Christmas cards
Christmas cards

Best Photo Christmas Cards: Artifact Uprising

For cards that'll highlight your beautiful memories and photographs from the last year, look to Artifact Uprising. With templates that include photo strips, geometric designs, collages, and portrait shots, these Christmas cards provide options for a variety of photo needs. Simply choose your card quantity (between 10 and 300), printing style (standard or foil), foil color, greeting message (if applicable), and envelope color. For added convenience, you can also have the envelopes addressed for you. These photo cards cost between $1.35 and $1.95 per card based on how many you order (the larger the order, the lower the per-card price). Production and shipping times vary for different products, but you can browse Artifact Uprising's full list of offerings on its website.

Shop Now: Artifact Uprising Cards, from $1.35 per card,

Christmas cards
Christmas cards

Best Boxed Christmas Cards: Papier

If you're looking for boxed sets of beautiful Christmas cards, Papier offers a wide selection of fun and festive designs like a cow wearing reindeer antlers, a painting of Central Park's ice rink, astrological elements, and so much more. Beyond artistic cards, there are also whimsical photo templates for you to display your favorite people (or pets), and even a "year in review" card so you can highlight the big moments of the past year. Prices start at $22 per set, and orders range from 10 to 1,000 cards. Papier's cards are available in both flat and folded formats, and can be customized by adjusting the photo layout, text, and more. Design the ultimate card to send out to your friends and family with Papier.

Shop Now: Papier Cards, from $22 per set,

Christmas cards
Christmas cards