The 10 Best European Cities to Visit for Every Travel Style

The world is a big place and for passport holders, there’s no limit to where that little book can take them. With seven continents to choose from, picking the next destination can be hard sometimes. But combine this with the reality that not everyone has unlimited paid time off, and it gets even trickier.

Many travelers try to maximize their time off by visiting multiple locales in one trip. Especially since travel is significantly cheaper once travelers are in Europe, hopping between countries or even several cities within one country is fairly affordable and is a great way to pack in several destinations in one European holiday. If a Eurotrip is on the horizon, here’s a list of some of the best cities to visit and why.

The Best European Cities for Romantic Getaways

Technically any place can be romantic as long as the company is right. But for couples that want romantic vistas, activities that bring two people closer together, and a dreamy experience from start to finish, there are a few cities that reign supreme.


Unsurprisingly, Paris tops this list since it’s known as the city of love. For couples that prefer those classic romantic touristy experiences, visiting the Eiffel Tower, strolling through Versailles, and even shopping (or window shopping) through the Champs-Élysées can’t be missed. Meanwhile, France as a nation is world-renowned for its indulgent cuisine and top-tier restaurants — that’s undoubtedly a great backdrop for a romantic getaway.


For as much as Paris snags the title as the most romantic city in the world, that boot-shaped country to the south is a very popular romantic destination. Of all the Italian cities, Venice tops the list for romantic backdrops. The canals in particular are a popular draw as gondoliers navigate the historic canals lined with brightly colored buildings. But beyond the gondolas, Venice is home to gorgeous architecture like St. Mark’s Basilica and picturesque backdrops like the Rialto Bridge. Venice also hosts an impressive array of festivals throughout the year and has plenty of culture like theaters and live performances.


Some travelers might be surprised to see Amsterdam categorized as a romantic city given the city’s liberal laws on recreational drug use and adult industries. The Netherlands’ capital also doubles as a fun party city. But architecturally, Amsterdam is a beautiful place to get lost with a romantic partner.  Similar to Venice, Amsterdam is an aquatic city with countless waterways for locals and tourists to traverse. While travelers still need boats to get around, gondolas are replaced with motorized boats and the canals are much larger.


Nothing brings two people together faster than trying to keep warm. Reykjavik, Iceland is a destination that’s known for its natural beauty. The most popular times to go will coincide with the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights — so plan ahead. This tends to be between September through Mid-April when solar activity is at its highest. Still, this Icelandic hot spot is known for its thermal springs like the Blue Lagoon, unique architecture, and nearby natural wonders like the Gullfoss waterfall and Strokkur geyser which are both located in Thingvellir National Park.

The Best European Cities for Family Vacations

Getting exposure to various cultures is the best way to ensure that the younger generations grow up with exposure to differences and break down barriers. If a European family vacation is on the horizon, here are a few family-friendly cities to shortlist.


Ideally, it pays to speak another language. But not everyone is bilingual or a polyglot (speaking more than two languages). And when traveling with small kids or even a large family group, having “lost in translation” moments is beyond frustrating. London is a city that has everything — which makes it perfect for a multigenerational family trip — and where the locals speak English.

Between historical sites, modern wonders like the London Eye, and even pop cultural references like Platform 9 ¾ at King’s Crossing Station. Additionally, London tends to be a more affordable option for American travelers thanks to a wider range of accommodation options.


For families that do speak another language, or don’t mind being fully immersed in places where they don’t speak the main language, Madrid is a popular destination. Along with being Spain’s capital city, it is considered one of the most kid-friendly cities in the country. The Casa de Campo public park is home to both the Madrid Zoo Aquarium and an amusement park. Families can also catch a Real Madrid game, tour the Royal Palace, or walk any of the numerous famous gardens scattered across the city. Additionally, Madrid is famous for its expansive public transportation, and moderately priced accommodations.


Even though Greece is an island, it’s still part of Europe. Athens is a great historical destination and movie lovers will appreciate that it served as the backdrop for “Indiana Jones,” “Hercules” and several more productions. Obviously the ruins like the Acropolis — which is home to the Parthenon and Erechtheion —  are some of the biggest draws for this ancient city. However, Athens also hosts food tours and has a regular changing of the guard in the Syntagma Square.

The Best European Cities for Group Trips

Whether it’s a girl’s trip or an all-genders retreat for the besties, Europe is ready to host groups of all compositions. So, when planning a group trip, here are a few fun cities to add to the list.

Lake Cuomo

If that group trip is meant to be something of a retreat, it doesn’t get any better than Lake Cuomo. This quiet yet tony locale that’s nestled in northern Italy is perfect for amateur paparazzi that want to see celebrities from around the world. Along with the actual Lake Cuomo which is perfect for yachting, the nearby town offers idyllic walks through historic architecture. But plan accordingly since this tony retreat will set travelers back significantly.


If it’s a rowdy bunch that wants to be outside all the time during their group trip, head to Berlin. Germany’s capital city literally has it all from culture to nightlife, and an impressive and growing foodie scene. Specifically, Berlin is considered one of the top cities in Germany and across Europe for clubbing.

This is one place where there’s no such thing as a hard stop for when all the bars or nightclubs need to close. Likewise, affordable food and drinks, and easy access to reliable transportation (both public and ride-sharing), easily makes the case for Berlin as a fun stop for a group trip.

Monte Carlo

Rounding out the best group trip European cities list is Monte Carlo. Located in Monaco — a small island nation located off the French Riviera — Monte Carlo is known for its sophisticated nightlife and cultural scene. The country is notable for its tony residents and the fact that it’s a popular spot for the rich and famous to spend time. From Formula One racing to casinos straight out of “James Bond”, there’s plenty to keep any friend’s group occupied and happy. And if anyone wants to visit nearby France or Italy, it’s a quick ride away for a day trip.