The 10 Best Early Spring Bloomers to Plant This Fall (PureWow)
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Sure, sure, fall is great and everything. But true flower lovers can’t help but think how sad our gardens will look until April. To ease the pain, we checked in with our friend, Kate Karam, editorial director of Monrovia, for 10 beautiful early spring bloomers you can plant right this instant—which will sprout flowers at the first sign of spring.

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1. Winter Jasmine

This fragrant shrub has bright, lemon yellow flowers which bloom in late winter or early spring—typically before leaves unfold. Psst: It can trellis up to 15 feet tall, making it a great solution for covering slopes or spilling over a wall.

2. Double Take Pink Flowering Quince

This deer-resistant shrub puts on a spectacular early season display of large, fragrant, bright pink blooms. It’s relatively carefree, drought-tolerant and thorn-free—making it a dreamy option for early season indoor arrangements.

3. Arnold Promise Witch Hazel

This whimsical, quirky-looking shrub boasts clear yellow petals and red cups that bring vibrant color to late winter landscapes. Plant it near an entryway or patio to get the most of its heavenly fragrance.

4. Felix Magnolia

Fun fact: One magnolia will produce as many as 100 blooms on mature trees each year. Treat yourself to one of these small-scale trees for magnificent, 12-inch, hot pink flowers come springtime. Swoon.

5. Paperbush Plant

This branchy shrub boasts some pretty neat (and majorly fragrant) blooms. Its creamy, yellow flowers emerge in late winter, and spring adds slender, blue-green foliage to the mix.

6. Nuccio’s Bella Rossa Camellia

These gorgeous crimson blooms open slowly over a super-long bloom season—even young plants show an extra heavy bud set. Bonus points: It’s an evergreen, offering glossy, dark green foliage through the winter.

7. Belgian Hybrid Yellow Bush Lily

Durable, versatile and a total crowd pleaser. The bush lily can sprout up to 60 clustered, yellow flowers on its tall stems—and the decorative seedpods, which follow the blooms, are equally lovely.

8. Windcliff Double Pink Lenten Rose

Known commonly as hellebore, these beautiful, ruffly pink flowers begin to flower in late winter and put on a show throughout the spring. Bonus points: It’s rarely bothered by pests and disease, is completely deer-proof, and the lovely foliage provides year-round interest.

9. Forest Pansy Redbud

This beautiful landscape tree is beloved for its brilliant scarlet-purple color, which turns maroon once matured. There’s no prettier harbinger of spring than these rosy-pink flowers on bare branches.

10. Endurio Pure Violet Pansy

This jewel-toned beauty quickly fills and spills in containers, making it a gorgeous injection of color for early spring through fall, with excellent tolerance to frost and snow.

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