Influencer's $1,000 Diesel micro miniskirt is TikTok's latest 'punchline': 'Did you see what it looked like before you bought it?'

Another fashion victim’s wallet has met a tragic end…

A $1,000 Diesel miniskirt sparked a debate after fashion guru Adrienne Reau gave an honest review of the luxury item. The leather skirt, which debuted at Diesel’s FW 2022 show, resembles a boxer’s belt that wraps around the body. It doesn’t offer much coverage, and the ovine leather features an embossed Diesel logo and Velcro closure.

The skirt was praised by fashion critics for being a modern take on Y2K fashion by creative director Glenn Martens. Nicole Kidman even wore it for a cover photo shoot. But Gen Z is less impressed.

The controversy started when Reau unboxed the pricey item. She cheerfully did an outfit montage with it, but in an update, she changed her tune.

Reau did not appreciate the poor-quality packaging and called it “sloppy.” Moreover, she felt the Velcro closure cheapened the item.

“Maybe a few snap buttons would have been more high quality,” Reau said.

Not only that, but it was also uncomfortable and impractical. Reau claimed it felt like rubber. When she wore it out, it was diminishing returns.

“I had to go home after about 20 minutes and get changed. My cheeks were just out and about,” she added.

Another issue with the belt is that it’s only available in one size, which is certainly not inclusive.

“It also gaps on the body weird, and you just can’t sit down in it or else it will just go straight up,” Reau said.

Despite being “obsessed” with the skirt initially, Reau was really disappointed in the purchase and plans on returning it. Her honest review racked up over 5 million views on TikTok.

“Lol the way I thought you were kidding and was waiting for a punch line,” one person said.

“Did you see what it looked like before you bought it?” another wrote.

“I swear they are just laughing at us now,” someone added.

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