"Pulp Fiction" and "Breaking Bad" at Sea: Theme Cruises I'd Like to See

It’s every “Frozen” fan’s dream — and a potential nightmare for parents who’ve had to listen to “Let it Go” 3,219 times.

Disney Cruise Line has announced details of its “Frozen”-themed cruises. From June to August 2015, the Disney Magic is visiting Norway — the inspiration for the the kingdom of Arendelle, the setting of the animated classic — and Iceland. As part of the excursion, Disney is offering tons of “Frozen”-related activities, including a Norwegian summer celebration at the Sunnmøre Open Air Museum in Ålesund (where passengers can party with “Frozen” characters Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff).

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Of course, cruises abound for kids who want to cavort with their favorite characters: Disney Cruise Line also has a cruise devoted to another property owned by its parent company, “Star Wars”; Royal Caribbean has the DreamWorks Experience, which includes characters from “Madagascar”; Norwegian Cruise Line’s “Nickelodeon on Norwegian” has SpongeBob SquarePants and Dora the Explorer; and Carnival has entertainment centered around Dr. Seuss.

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That’s all great, but there are plenty of other characters who deserve theme cruises of their own. Here are some of my choices.