#NOWTRENDING: H&M’S New Conscious Denim Line

It’s been quite a year for denim. Back in April, we saw Phillip Lim introduce an elevated denim capsule collection—navy shaded upscale essentials fit for the office or the night. As fall approached, high-waisted, oversized pairs popped up in spades—rumor has it the age of the skinny is waning. And just yesterday, denim caught our attention on the Burberry Prorsum runway in the shape of some very playful, fringe-fit blue jean jackets. And starting October 2, we can look forward to eco-conscious denim, courtesy of H&M. The megabrand, known for it’s ongoing devotion to sustainable fashion, is just now announcing the latest in a series of conscientious capsules. “We wanted the classics of denim to be updated with a touch of minimalism: buttons are hidden and stitching is more tonal. A step away from vintage and authentic inspiration,” said H&M designer Jon Loman of the new, sustainability-aimed pieces.
The 40-piece collection includes a wide range of articles for men, women and children—quilted, indigo collarless jackets, dark denim jeans for men, and just-right pencil skirts for women. There are cozy but stylish blue knit jogger jeans, and classics boyfriends made from recycled cotton and other eco conscious materials. It is a line that is being produced with care with each wash assessed for environmental impact. “I think that the business society in general is beginning to realize the crucial need for sustainable business models, not just for the sake of future generations but for the long-term survival of these very businesses,” said the brand’s Environmental Sustainability Coordinator Erik Karlsson. “To my knowledge it’s the first time a global fashion company introduces a denim collection that not only uses more sustainable materials but also more conscious processes.”
H&M CONSCIOUS DENIM LINE ($9.99-$99.00, handm.com, starting October 2nd)