Tom Holland Surprises Jimmy Kimmel's Son As Spider-Man For His Birthday

Bill Bradley
·1 min read

For those worried about the new Marvel movies being delayed, “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” just turned into “Spider-Man: Stuck At Home.”

Jimmy Kimmel’s son, Billy, is a big Spider-Man fan, so after the host interviewed “Spider-Man: Far From Home” star Tom Holland on his Tuesday show, he convinced the web-slinger to stick around for a birthday surprise.

“Hey, Billy, it’s nice to meet you,” Holland said in his Spider-Man American accent. “My name’s Peter Parker. I live in Queens, New York.”

Billy, who is only 3, seems to get shy pretty quickly. (Who wouldn’t? It’s Spider-Man.) But Holland is sweet with him and Kimmel’s 5-year-old daughter, Jane, and he even hung around to sing happy birthday.

It’s everything you would want out of a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, because with great power comes an even better birthday surprise.

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