‘The Daily Show’ Takes A Brutal Look Back At The Life And Times Of Ted Cruz

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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is “the booger on the lip of democracy” in a damning new “Daily Show” video biography.

The nine-minute segment — narrated by correspondent Desi Lydic — begins with footage of Cruz appearing to swallow his own booger on live TV during a 2016 GOP primary debate.

It then cuts back to Cruz’s childhood, showing him as a teenager joking about “world domination.” Viewers watch his ascent to the Senate; unsuccessful 2016 run for the White House; complete capitulation to Donald Trump despite the ex-president’s attacks on his character and wife; backing of Trump’s election lies; and misguided vacation to Cancun while Texans suffered during winter storms.

There’s even an eyebrow-raising moment when Cruz’s mother literally raises her eyebrows in response to a claim he made about her prayers.

Watch the video here:


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