Joe Biden's Clapback At Donald Trump Gets Applause From Stephen Colbert

Bill Bradley
·Entertainment Editor, HuffPost
·1 min read

He’s Stephen Colbert and he approves this Joe Biden message.

On Saturday, President Donald Trump said at a campaign rally that people will “never see” him again if Joe Biden wins. Well, Biden’s team wants to make that a promise, immediately taking those words and putting them into a campaign ad, which Colbert is loving.

On Monday’s “The Late Show,” Colbert praised the ad, saying, “That’s already been viewed over 15 million times. For a 77-year-old, Joe has got some solid social media game.”

Of course, Biden hasn’t exactly been known as a technological savant during this year’s campaign, so Colbert launched into a Biden impression to show what his social media savvy looks like.

“That’s what you call a clap back, Jack,” he said, pretending to be Biden. “I’m gonna do it again as soon as I figure out who this little bird character is and why he wants my password. C’mon! Let me in, ya hashtags!”

See the clip below:

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