Conservative Columnist Sums Up Donald Trump’s Strong Case For Worst President In History

Lee Moran
·Reporter, HuffPost
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Conservative columnist Max Boot asked a damning question of Donald Trump’s supporters as he summed up in his latest editorial for The Washington Post why he believed Trump had made a “strong case” for being the worst president in the history of the United States.

Boot reeled off in his column published Tuesday a long list of reasons for why Trump should take the “worst president” title — from his mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic and trafficking in racism to his inciting of violence, xenophobia and welcoming “of Russian attacks on our elections.”

The commentator, who quit the GOP following Trump’s 2016 victory, acknowledged “there are single-issue voters to whom Trump has a strong appeal.”

But he also asked of the tens of millions of people who still support the president, given his long list of controversies and scandals, “What are they thinking?”

Read Boot’s full editorial here.


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