Bestselling Author Don Winslow Busts Trump’s Biggest Myths About Biden

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Bestselling author Don Winslow is tearing up some of President Donald Trump’s favorite talking points about Democratic rival Joe Biden.

Trump has repeatedly ― and falsely ― claimed that Biden will abolish the Second Amendment and take away everyone’s guns due to the former vice president’s support for the basic gun control measures backed by nearly two-thirds of Americans. But as Winslow pointed out, it’s an allegation the right has used against Democrats for years, and one that doesn’t stand up to the facts:

The author of multiple New York Times bestsellers has long been an outspoken critic of the president on social media. Last year, he marked the release of his 2019 novel The Border by challenging Trump to a debate on the border wall.

Trump did not respond.

As the election approaches, Winslow has stepped up his criticism on Twitter and released a series of videos about Trump, including one done in cooperation with rock icon Bruce Springsteen.

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