Lisa Kudrow And Conan O'Brien Sincerely Teach How To Make It In Show Business

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Lisa Kudrow and Conan O’Brien visited the improv class where they met in the mid-1980s this week, sprinkling in a pep talk for young people interested in show business. (Watch the clip below.)

“This is an inspirational message to anyone who’s in a little improv class,” O’Brien said on his talk show. “I swear to God, this is how you do it. You go there and you meet amazing people. Whether it’s an acting class, an improv class, or doing stand-up in a club, that’s where you meet people, and you’re young and you have dreams and it can really work out pretty beautifully.”

The host told “Conan” viewers Wednesday that even if their aspirations seem impossible, “I’d just like to try and remind people we were 22 and we were in this room.”

“Just keep flogging away at those dreams,” O’Brien added.

Kudrow, the “Friends” star who will appear on HBO Max’s cast reunion premiering May 27, seconded the notion. “You don’t know who you’re gonna meet next at a class or anywhere,” she added.

Kudrow explained that as a beginner trying to find her comedic voice, she found a friend in O’Brien (whom she briefly dated).

“When you have someone that you feel like they get you ... and you can play and riff safely with someone and that’s how you find it, that’s how you zero in on it.”

But it wasn’t all seriousness.

“Mostly everything I do is stolen from Conan,” Kudrow joked.

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