Woman Wears Wedding Dress in 19 Countries, Across 147,000 Miles, for 147 Photo Shoots

“The best plans are the ones you never plan,” said Jeff Salvage, husband and photographer of his beautiful wife, Jennifer Salvage, 42, a perpetual bride who has worn her wedding gown to exotic locations all over the world. It all started five years ago when the adventurous couple decided to marry on Easter Island at the edge of a volcano. “Jennifer went into a wedding dress place and said, ‘I need a dress I can stuff in a backpack,’” Salvage, 46, of Bedford, N.J., told GoodMorningAmerica.com. Being a professional photographer, Salvage’s priority for their wedding day was to get iconic photos, which they accomplished at the ceremony, sunrise and sunset the following day. On their trip home, the newlyweds thought “this was really cool,” so they continued taking the photos while hiking in the Alps and on a trip to the Olympics in China. The couple’s philosophy is simple: You shouldn’t let your wedding day be the end of the romantic part of your marriage. “We want to share the view of the world through the eyes of a bride,” Salvage explained. “Being a bride is your happiest day until you have kids. We relive that day over and over.” The everlasting bride and groom have now visited 19 countries, covering 147,000 miles, most recently returning from Greece and Russia. “In my wildest dreams I wouldn’t have expected the dress to last this long,” said Salvage, who’s already made plans to visit Singapore, Thailand and Cambodia next summer. “I think we’ll wear out before the dress does, without a doubt.”