Woman Hikes Mount Rainier in Huge, Elegant Ball Gown

Once upon a time there was a majestic mountain climber who hiked uphill dressed in a gorgeous gown. It sounds like the start of a story book or something you’d have to see to believe. Meet Harmony Sage Lawrence, a seamstress and designer from Portland, Ore., who did just that. The 25-year-old hiked up Mount Rainier in Sept. 2012 dressed in a full ball gown for a photo shoot that went viral this week after being posted to Reddit. “We weren't planning to go on the upper trail with the dress, only take photos in the lower forests, but jokes led to me saying, ‘Why not, let's give it a try,’” Lawrence explained. The dress was made entirely from up-cycled and recycled linens, including a huge hoopskirt which made trudging over the muddy ice rather difficult. It took Lawrence four hours to complete the seven-mile hike. Afterwards, she donated the dress to a fire station in Northern Washington for their medical equipment fundraiser.