Why the Internet Loves This Photo of a Barber Giving Haircut to Little Boy

Why the Internet Loves This Photo of a Barber Giving Haircut to Little Boy (ABC News)

A photo of a British barber giving a little boy with autism his first successful haircut is taking the Internet by storm.

"I'm astonished at the impact it has made for families across the globe," Jim Williams of South Wales told ABC News. "It's amazing how it's touched so many people, but I'm glad and I hope it brings awareness for other barbers. I hope they'll take a different approach to giving haircuts for people with ASD."

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Williams said for the past few months, Mason Davies' family had been taking him to his barber shop, Jim the Trim in West Glamorgan, U.K., for a haircut.

"Sometimes he was up for it [a haircut], sometimes he wasn’t," Williams said. "Once he got irritated I'd say 'That’s enough for today. We'll try again next time.' I didn't want him to feel any pressure."

Then, on Nov. 3, Williams said he was finally able to give Mason the "perfect haircut" by distracting Mason with an iPhone and letting the little boy lay down as he worked.

"He allowed me to cut around his neck and his ears," Williams said. "Obviously his mother was glowing because something happened there. He allowed me to give him his first proper haircut and that was a great achievement."

Mason's mother, Denine Davies, said she is grateful for Williams' patience and kindness.

"I think Jim is fantastic with Mason," Davies told ABC News. "He always takes the time to chat to Mason, gives him a high five each time we visit and always puts 'SpongeBob SquarePants' on for him in the salon. Williams has gone above and beyond the call of a regular hairdresser."