Waterspout Hits Ground in Florida, Hurls Bouncy Castle Through the Air

A waterspout that came ashore at a Florida beach turned dangerous after it hit an inflated bouncy castle, tossing it into the air and injuring three children.

The swirling column of wind and ocean water that formed in Fort Lauderdale hit the ground today and video shows that it headed straight towards the amusement ride.

The video, provided to ABC News by Brandon Burchett, shows the bouncy castle get caught in the wind, flipping over repeatedly before it was swept even further up in the air.

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The Fort Lauderdale Police Department reported that the waterspout "uprooted" the inflatable and it was "sent across parking lot into roadway."

Police said three children, whose identities would not be released, were injured. One was being held overnight for observation and two were treated for minor fractures and released, police said.

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