'WandaVision' director and Paul Bettany tease upcoming finale

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Paul Bettany knows what happens in the "WandaVision" finale, of course -- but he isn't divulging any spoilers to ruin it for Disney+ viewers.

The actor, who plays Vision, opposite Elizabeth Olsen's Wanda Maximoff on the show, appeared on "Good Morning America" on Thursday and played mum when asked about various fan theories, answering with strange noises and even going as far as pretending his video froze.

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He was presented with questions about a magical showdown with Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn), the probability of a big villain (like Mephisto) showing up, the introduction of the X-Men and whether or not the hex will be destroyed, before getting a question specific to his character.

When asked if we could envision Vision surviving the finale, Bettany finally broke and answered, "Well my bank manager certainly hopes so."

PHOTO: A scene from 'Wanda Vision.' (Marvel Studios 2021)
PHOTO: A scene from 'Wanda Vision.' (Marvel Studios 2021)

Luckily, director Matt Shakman was a little more chatty about the upcoming finale and teased what fans can expect in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Shakman expressed excitement over the Marvel Cinematic Universe's future, especially now that the show's penultimate episode, "Previously On," revealed Wanda as the wielder of chaos magic and, therefore, was given the mantle the Scarlet Witch.

"Wanda's had power for a long time, but it's never been defined," he said. "And there is magic in the MCU, but we haven't talked about witches before. So, episode 8 really is talking about how there are witches in this world."

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Shakman nodded toward another witch, Agatha, who helped Wanda come to terms with her past trauma. While the latest episode focused on Wanda's past, he teased that "it's also a lot about destiny and about what's to come."

The "WandaVision" finale airs Friday on Disney+.

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