Unusual Kittens Are Crazy Cute and Need a Home

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty Animals Los Angeles (spcaLA) has some very unusual kittens available for adoption: the first ever (probably) litter of Polydactyl American Curl kittens! “This is the strangest bunch we’ve ever seen – and after 140 years, we’d thought we’d seen it all,” said Madeline Bernstein, spcaLA President. Polydactyls or “Hemingway Cats” are kittens with extra digits. They are named after the writer who had a colony of them at his property in Florida, where they still live today. The extra toes are excellent for “making biscuits” and opening doors. The American Curl is a cat breed characterized by its unusual ears, which curl back, giving them a flying nun effect. The mom of this litter, Mrs. Hemingway, is a proud polydactyl and also available for adoption, along with her 6 kittens. She is mum on the identity of the father. All she will say is he was “a great listener.” spcaLA has found homes for 642 cats and kittens this summer, with 200 currently in adoptions waiting for homes. In their catteries, you will find cats in every shape, size, age, and color. The polydactyl posse are at the spcaLA South Bay Pet Adoption Center, 12910 Yukon Ave., Hawthorne CA. spcaLA also has pet adoption centers in Long Beach and Pico Rivera. Please, adopt don’t shop. - spcaLA

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