Victoria Garrick, Kate Bock and Micaela Erlanger share the gifts bridesmaids actually want

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With so many different options out there, it can be hard for brides to figure out gifts that their bridesmaids actually want.

We asked three brides for their help: former D1 athlete, body image advocate and Real Pod podcast host, Victoria Garrick; celebrity stylist Micaela Erlanger; and model, entrepreneur and founder of Love Kate, Kate Bock.

"Gifting things that are classic and timeless and that can be used over and over again after your wedding is key!" Erlanger said. "Don't get gimmicky and if you want to add something special, subtle personalization or a nice personalized note thanking your bridal party is always a nice touch."

Garrick added that it's important to consider practicality when thinking about your gifts. "While it's cute in theory to get everyone a shirt that says 'bride squad' in big letters across the chest, it's really not something they might want to wear once your wedding is over," she said. "I kept this front of mind when making my gifting decisions to ensure that the girls would be able to use and appreciate these gifts all the time (and plus, I wasn't wasting my money by buying something that would be thrown out quickly!)."

Finally, Garrick added that brides should "take the time to think about what each girl means to you and what you think they would really love."

"This time in life is so special not only because you are planning your wedding, but because you get to really strengthen and show your love for the friends that have always been by your side," she said.

Continue below for Garrick, Bock, and Erlanger's picks, including custom bracelets, sweatshirts, skin care, headbands and more.

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Kate's picks

Hourglass Phantom Volumizing Glossy Balm

"Hourglass Cosmetics has been a favorite of mine and my makeup artist uses it on me all the time," Bock said. "I love how the luxe brand applies so naturally and has such sleek packaging. The new Phantom Volumizing Glossy Balm is a 3-in-1 hybrid formula (balm, plumper and gloss) and has beautiful shades -- it's perfect to gift and to wear for all of the bride's events!"

Alexa Leigh jewelry

"I've been a fan of Alexa Leigh for a while now. In fact, I have a special [collaboration] coming out with her soon where I worked with Alexa to design a few beautiful pieces. I think any bridesmaid would love a timeless gold bracelet or earrings from her collection to wear on the wedding day and beyond. [Alexa's] jewelry is super simple and chic and the 18k gold-filled pieces are perfect to stack and layer. I love a good gift that will be worn endlessly!"

Slip silk products

"Slip has cute and quality silk products that make great gifts and come in the prettiest color palettes. I would gift their large scrunchies, sleep masks and even the pillowcases to my bridesmaids. This would be perfect to give during a bachelorette weekend so everyone can use them for bedtime!"

Dr. Barbara Sturm kit

"Dr. Barbara Sturm is the best! The SturmGlow Kit is the perfect all-in-one gift. It has all the products your girls will need for their nighttime beauty routine for beautiful and glowing skin. Once they try them, they will be hooked!"

Supergoop! sunscreen

"If you are planning a bachelorette party getaway, sunscreen is a must-have gift for your bridesmaids. I love Supergoop's Unseen Sunscreen -- it is a clear jelly that goes on smoothly and feels weightless. It's also great under makeup! I'd package it in a cute little tote, pouch or clutch so it's easy to bring along during the bachelorette trip. Sunscreen is so important to wear everyday, so you know that this gift will go to use!"

Victoria's picks

Matching BFFS & Babes sweatshirts

Victoria added customized "I Said Yes" embroidery on the cuff of her sweatshirt and "She Said Yes" on the cuff for her bridesmaids. "These pullovers were included in goodie bags for the girls and everyone was immediately obsessed! The little script on the sleeve makes it personal to the wedding celebrations but also is understated enough that the girls and I can still wear these everyday," Garrick said.

Little Words Project bracelets

"I got each of my bridesmaids custom bracelets that say 'ride or die.' You can customize any saying or phrase on these bracelets that are unique to you and your bridal party, and they look chic and fashionable no matter what style of jewelry you usually wear!"

Dearfoam I Do Slippers & I Do Crew slippers

"Who doesn't love a fresh pair of slippers to wear around the house?! These ones are so cute and comfortable, while also being in theme. I chose the pink ones for my bridal party!"

Shop Box Fox

"This is a great way to create customized boxes for your bridesmaids without the hassle of doing it all from scratch! I used these to create thank you gifts ahead of my bachelorette party in Mexico. My box included sunscreen, beach bags, face masks, hydration packets, and flower hair clips. The girls LOVED it!"

The Skinny Confidential The Hot Mess Ice Roller

"Okay, this gift is a bit higher in price... but it is SO worth it -- trust me! My girls LOVED it and it's the best ice roller out there. I love that it's pink and feminine, and can be used every morning. It was important for me to get my bride-squad things they would actually want to use and not just throw away after the wedding was over."

Olive & June nail polish set

"One of my favorite self-care activities is painting my nails. I chose to gift them the Cherry Bomb set because these colors are great all year round, but there are a variety of options to find the perfect mix of colors that speak to you and your bridesmaid's liking!"

Minted Weddings stationary

"I used Minted to create custom thank you cards for my bridal shower, and they were absolutely stunning and so easy to create! A fun part of the wedding season is having beautiful stationery, and Minted has lots of options at great price points for any part of the wedding process."

Micaela's picks

MagicLinen waffle bathrobe

"MagicLinen is my new favorite go-to when it comes to summer staples," Erlanger said. "Their products are made of sustainable, quality linen that is effortless and includes timeless pieces. I love their new spring/summer 2022 collection made of amazing shirts, rompers, dresses, pants, shorts, accessories and more!"

One of Erlanger's favorite gifts is the waffle bathrobe, she said.

"All of their products are made from high-quality linen so I know it will last them for the wedding day and beyond," she added. "It's cute, comfortable and perfect for you and your bridesmaids to get ready in together for photos!"

Micaela is a paid sponsor for MagicLinen.

RéVive skin care

"Beauty and skincare is always a nice gift for bridesmaids. Everyone is always looking for the next best product. I'm obsessed with RéVive's Perfectif Even Skin Tone Serum and Perfectif Even Skin Tone Cream SPF 30. The products are so lightweight that they layer nicely together as well as under makeup. I love the idea of gifting products that the girls can use everyday, even after the wedding!"

Micaela is a brand ambassador for RéVive Skincare.

Jennifer Behr headbands

"Jennifer Behr makes such a larger variety of headbands and hair accessories whether they are for the big wedding day or just for a casual day out. Headbands are that extra accessory that add a little pizzazz and are sometimes forgotten about. They make a great bachelorette party gift especially for the girls who are trying to make that straightening or blowout last for just a few more days!"

Bala bangles

"Bala bangles have become the latest fashion accessory and make working out at home or on a trip easy and chic! A workout with Bala bangles for those that prefer staying active (versus lounging the morning after) on the bachelorette is the perfect treat. Your bridesmaids can take them home and use them for the rest of time."

Cut Gaia hats

"A cute bachelorette party gift is a nice straw sun hat. Cult gaia has some really fun ones! They make great accessories for photos and of course [are] easy to throw in your bag to protect you from the sun."

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