Vanilla Ice: Arrest Is 'Just A Mess And I’m Dealing With It'

Vanilla Ice says his arrest earlier this month in connection with a burglary was “just blown out of proportion."

The rapper turned home renovator, Rob Van Winkle, appeared on “Good Morning America” today to promote the new season of his show, “The Vanilla Ice Project,” but first addressed his recent run-in with the law.

“That’s all I can say about it right now. It’s just a mess and I’m dealing with it,” Van Winkle explained.

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Vanilla Ice Charged With Burglary in Florida, Police Say

The former rapper was arrested in Lantana, Florida, on February 18, accused of stealing furniture from a neighbor's home. He was charged with burglary residence and grand theft, according to a Chief Sean Scheller at the Lantana Police Department.

“I’m purchasing the house,” Van Winkle said today. “I can’t really talk much about it other than that, but you know, I’m dealing with it.”

According to the arrest report, Van Winkle said that "he found several of the items next to the curb and he thought they were trash."

The home in question, in Palm Beach County, is located near a residence that he actually does own and is renovating. According to authorities, the missing items -- which included furniture, a pool heater, bicycles and other items -- were found at Van Winkle's property and later returned to the owner.

The total value of the items found at Van Winkle's home totaled more than $6,000, according to the report.

“I wish I could elaborate,” he said on “GMA.”

The new season of Van Winkle’s DIY network show is called “Palm Beach Mansion Flip,” where Vanilla Ice and his crew remodel an “8,000 square foot house on the ocean in Palm Beach.”

“It was wrecked,” the host explained. “We removed over 300 trees, it was just neglected and now we’re turning it from zero to hero. It’s going to be gorgeous.” Van Winkle said they are adding amenities to the home such as a jelly fish aquarium, an infinity pool, an observatory, a glass atrium, a coffee bar and a fitness room.

"The Vanilla Ice Project" airs Saturday nights on the DIY Network.

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