Trick or Treat! Artist Makes Spine-Chilling Lifelike Halloween Sweets

Trick or Treat! Artist Makes Spine-Chilling Lifelike Halloween Sweets (ABC News)

Who needs tricks when you can have treats?!

Artist Christine McConnell has done it again, whipping up a spooky menu of creepy, crawly Halloween-themed cakes and pies for only the bravest of ghouls to grub.

Inspired by her recent project creating a giant, haunted gingerbread house in celebration of Tim Burton’s newest film, “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children,” McConnell was still bursting with ideas based on the eerie director’s work.

Artist Makes Lifelike Haunted Gingerbread House Inspired by Tim Burton

“I had just came off doing a bunch of Tim Burton projects and still had a few ideas I didn't quite get a chance to pull off, so the timing worked out great,” she told ABC News of her elaborate, spine-chilling sweets.

Take a look at McConnell’s frightening feast:

Jack-O-Lantern Cake

“The jack-o-lantern cake is a pumpkin spice cake with a hollow candy melt core and pumpkin buttercream frosting,” she said, adding this was the hardest cake to pull off. “To create the hollow center I had to coat a balloon in hot, melted candy melts and then freeze it, at which point you remove the balloon and build your cake around the candy shell. Balloons are sensitive to hot temperatures and I had three balloons pop on me before getting one to work right, so by the end of that project my kitchen and I looked like an orange Jackson Pollock painting.”

"Beetlejuice" Pie

“‘Beetlejuice’ pie is actually a mile-high apple pie with caramel pecan clusters,” said the artist.

Petrifying Peppermint Bark Bonsai

“The peppermint bark bonsai is just melted peppermint candies coated in dark chocolate with a white chocolate base,” said McConnell. “The branches snap off easily and taste so good.”

Caramel Nut Brown Recluse Spiders

“One macadamia nut, half a peanut, one Werther’s Original and a puff of brown food coloring is all you need to create one of these tasty nightmares,” McConnell said, adding these were the scariest of her creations. “They turned out so lifelike, they kept creeping me out. I have since discreetly placed them around the house to terrify unsuspecting company.”

Mr. Whiskers Coconut Krispie Treats

“Mr. Whiskers coconut Rice Krispies treats are inspired by Tim Burton's ‘Frankenweenie’ and has wafer paper whiskers,” she said.

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