Tory Johnson debuts new 40 Boxes shopping platform. Here's what she wants you to know

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You're probably familiar with Tory Johnson and her weekly Deals & Steals. The fun shopping segment gives "Good Morning America" viewers exclusive savings on a wide range of great products that you may have picked up for family, friends and yourself.

On March 8, she'll debut a new shopping venture called 40 Boxes and shares with "GMA" what you can expect and how she developed a love for shopping.

What is 40 Boxes?

We introduce new brands and feature your favorites. In all the years of doing this, companies big and small have asked for more ways to work with us. is our solution -- it offers added flexibility for them and allows us to bring you even more of what you want.

Where does the name 40 Boxes come from?

Like millions of Americans, I began working from home at the start of the COVID crisis in March 2020. It wasn't just about moving my laptop from office to bedroom. I shifted everything required to do my job.

"GMA" gave me a camera, lights, mic, earpiece and backdrops to go live from my apartment for every segment. The glam team set me up with a kit full of makeup and tools so I could attempt to replicate their magic. And then there were the props. That's the essential piece that I sort of underestimated in the early days of this home-based era.

Every weekday our doorbell rings and we open it to a sea of boxes: props, pitches and personal purchases for product research. At first, they were stacked in a corner of our living room. That soon spread to the entryway and outside the kitchen, ultimately taking over an entire bedroom and parts of two others.

Several months into this new normal, as we lugged boxes inside one afternoon, my daughter Emma decided to count them. "37, 38, 39, 40," she shouted. "40 boxes, Mom." (She may or may not have inserted an expletive in there.)

Now, every time the doorbell rings, my family ribs me with, "Make way for another 40 boxes." Even our doormen have adopted the phrase. Clutter aside, I've always loved finding boxes at my door.

How did you become so passionate about shopping?

My interest in shopping dates back to age 12. My mom ran a popular childrenswear store in Miami and she'd go to the Merchandise Mart to place wholesale orders. Kids weren't allowed, but she'd sneak me in to help choose the coolest stuff from dresses and jeans to backpacks and barrettes to stock her shop.

Since then my shopping obsession has only grown. If I'm not scrolling Instagram or turning magazine pages, I'm scouring store shelves, attending trade shows and reviewing pitches from business owners and publicists. I'll even stop people to ask where they got something on them.

40 Boxes is an extension of what I love personally and what I do professionally on TV, only with more great finds all day, every day in a range of categories. Our goal is to deliver products that delight in every box. I hope you enjoy shopping with us.

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