Top Trump Ally Warns of 'Rebellion' Over Possible Chief of Staff Pick

A top ally of Donald Trump has fired a warning shot over a contender for the chief of staff position in Trump's White House.

Roger Stone, a notorious political consultant and longtime friend of Trump's, said on Twitter that if Trump were to pick RNC Chairman Reince Priebus as his right-hand man it would cause a "rebellion in Trump's base."

Stone's tweet explicitly points out Priebus' closeness to House Speaker Paul Ryan, whom many in Trump's circle have criticized for his reluctance to throw his full support behind the president-elect during his campaign.

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Priebus has emerged on the list of potential picks for Trump's chief of staff, with Trump rewarding the party leader's loyalty following his electoral victory by inviting him to speak at the microphone at his election night party.

Priebus has not commented on whether he would accept the position if offered and earlier this week called the speculation "crazy," though he notably huddled with Trump and his close aides Friday as they announced major changes to the leadership structure of his transition team.

Stone several times through the campaign publicly criticized Trump for moves he deemed as appeasing to the GOP establishment, and took on an almost militant attitude in his attacks online and on the radio against the Clinton family.

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