Toddler Obsessed With Honey Bear Jar Totes Him Around Everywhere

Meet little Annabelle Gee and her best bud, a honey jar she’s named “Honey Bear.”

The almost-2-year-old loves her Honey Bear more than any stuffed animal, and totes him around everywhere.

She even tucks him in for naps.

“She threw the baby doll out of the cradle so Honey Bear could have the cradle. She was done with the doll,” said her mom, Kristin Gee, of Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.

He goes for car rides.

“Honey Bear goes in the car everywhere, but Honey Bear also has to stay in the car and take naps,” Kristin explained. “He usually stays in the car to take a nap but he has been to the grocery store with us and to the park. We did have to go and get her from the church nursery last weekend because Honey Bear was home and she was really upset.”

He helps her choose the right shoes for her outfit.

Honey Bear even snuggles up to watch movies.

The pair was introduced when the spice cabinet was accidentally left open, and they’ve been best friends ever since.

“The spice cabinet was open and my mom was holding Annabelle and Annabelle saw the Bear and was pointing at it, so she took Honey Bear out of the cabinet and she would not put him down for the rest of the day,” Kristin recalled of their first adorable encounter about a month ago. “That night my mom was going to let Jeff [Kristin’s husband] and me go on a date, so we needed Annabelle to go bed and we tried to convince her to let Honey Bear go to bed in the spice cabinet. She was ok with it and an hour later we got a phone call from my mom saying she was hysterical asking for Honey Bear but didn’t want to put him in the crib with her for fear of it opening.”

The precious toddler’s parents are just hoping there are no honey catastrophes one day, since that would create one sticky situation.

But not to worry. So far, Annabelle’s relationship with “Honey Bear” is pure sweetness.

“Honey Bear doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast so we’re just embracing him. We just don’t want to send her to college with Honey Bear,” Kristin joked.

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