Tiny Town Studios Makes Custom Hollywood-Set-Worthy Bedrooms for Kids

Tiny Town Studios Makes Custom Hollywood-Set-Worthy Bedrooms for Kids (ABC News)

Why be an adult when you can always be a kid?

“I’m 53 but still a kid at heart,” Derick Biddinger, the owner of Tiny Town Studios, told ABC News.

He’s turned his young-at-heart attitude into a full-blown business, building massive, custom-themed bedrooms and treehouses for children. The sky is the limit, really -- from pirates to princesses, spaceships and beyond, he’s done it all.

“It all started back in Panama City, Florida. We were doing custom homes back in those days,” Biddinger said. “When the [economic] crash happened, we woke up one morning and realized that the housing market had basically collapsed. I built a lot of custom stuff for homes already, and that’s how it stemmed out from there. I just started building kids’ things instead. We started doing treehouses, and then people requested beds, and one thing led to another, and it just rolled from there.”

Tiny Town Studios is a family business, with Biddinger and his son at the helm. Although they’re based in Houston, they travel all across the country doing custom projects for anyone with an imagination big enough to dream it.

“From start to finish, we can do a project anywhere from a week for a treehouse, up to about two weeks,” he said. “Bedrooms are about the same, probably about two to three weeks.”

His high-end clientele definitely keeps him busy, with no shortage of parents wanting to pamper their kids with custom play areas that look straight out of a Hollywood movie set.

“I do projects for celebrities, football players, basketball players,” said Biddinger. “I’m doing one right now for an oil tycoon.”

As for which projects are his favorite to work on, “It doesn’t matter,” he said. “I am pretty much pirate a fanatic when it comes to that stuff, ever since I was a little kid. I can remember going to Disney World and going through the Pirates of the Caribbean, and that just always stuck with me. Whenever someone wants to do some pirate-themed stuff, it really gets my wheels going.”

More than anything though, “We really love doing what we do — making kids smile for a lifetime,” said Biddinger.

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