How to throw the ultimate Oscar party full of DIY glitz and glam

Why sit around on your couch watching the Oscars alone when you could throw the ultimate DIY party full of glitz and glam?

Design and entertainment guru Francesco Bilotto has all the tips and tricks necessary to roll out the red carpet for your friends to celebrate Hollywood’s biggest night in style.

Take a look at his top six tips to help you wow your guests:

It all starts with the invite

It's not too late to impress your guests by sending an online invitation, rather than a simple text or email. This is also the right time to inform your guests to wear their red carpet best, which also helps set the overall Oscar party vibe.

Head to those holiday bins

The Oscars are a perfect occasion to reach for your red tablecloths, red ribbon and anything that is gold and shimmery. Set your table or anywhere you'll be serving food with all your red and gold seasonal goodies. Billotto suggests using a table cloth, gold charger and old votives to spruce up the space.

And no Oscars party is complete without a red carpet! You can use an old red table runner or tablecloth, tape the bottom of it and roll it out. Add some extra sparkle by sprinkling gold glitter along the path.

DIY always helps the budget

Simply take a small leftover glass vase or glass vessel, glue on a male doll, Ken Doll or even an action figure, remove the arms and spray-paint it gold. Viola!

Furniture flip

Rethink your buffet or even a dresser by using it as your bar. Move it away from the wall and add a plastic tablecloth to protect the surface, as well as a flowing, shimmery fringed door curtain, which can be purchased at your local party store, and you're set!

Elevate your drinkware with decorative tape

A simple gold stripe at the rim of your champagne glass adds style and keeps you from scrubbing lipstick stains off them. Simply peel off the tape before tossing the glass into the dishwasher. This is also a great way to make disposable plastic champagne glasses look a bit more upscale.

Don't forget finishing touches

Don't forget finishing touches like adding red floral patterns or flowers to adorn your table or surround your television. And swag bags filled with a few treats for your guests to feel like a real VIP when leaving your party are always a star-studded idea.