Teen Convinces Nearly 60 Students to Wear Same Hawaiian Shirt in Yearbook Photo

Teen Convinces Nearly 60 Students to Wear Same Hawaiian Shirt in Yearbook Photo (ABC News)

This kid is definitely entering his senior year in style.

Dave Husselbee, a junior at Sleepy Hollow High School in Westchester, New York, somehow talked nearly 60 students and faculty into wearing the same wacky Hawaiian shirt in their yearbook photos.

“We bought five shirts and about 10 kids knew about it before picture day,” Husselbee told ABC News of his colorful plan.

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Once other classrooms started turning up to take their photos, they’d continue to pass the shirts along to anyone who was willing to wear it. The result turned the yearbook pages into a vibrant array of sunshine-splashed pictures that had everyone laughing.

“Some of the staff was unsure but once the chair of the science department decided to do it, all the others were enthusiastic,” he said of even getting his teachers and staff involved.

The school’s principal, Carol Conklin-Spillane, said this type of fun environment is nothing new for them, something she’s extremely proud of in her 22-year career at Sleepy Hollow.

“The best part is that this is who we are here at Sleepy Hollow High School,” she explained. “Kids and teachers have wonderful relationships. It’s a very warm, wonderful place. That’s really what’s special about this place. It’s an example of how these four years in a person’s life can be transformative. It’s all about the relationships these young people have with adults.”

Husselbee said they were hoping to save the prank for next year, “but the school requires everyone to wear specific suits or dresses.”

Not to worry, though. It sounds like he’s already got his eye on another eccentric outfit choice that fits those guidelines.