Ted Cruz Wins 10 of 13 Delegates at Virginia GOP Convention

Ted Cruz Wins 10 of 13 Delegates at Virginia GOP Convention (ABC News)

Ted Cruz won 10 of the 13 delegates up for grabs at the Virginia Republican Convention today, with Donald Trump taking the other three after state delegates voted in favor of the slate recommended by the nominations committee.

The result had many Trump supporters upset, because Trump won the Virginia primary.

"I voted for Cruz in the primary but I am against this slate because this is not what our state voted for," said one delegate who took the mic to voice her concerns.

Cruz surrogate Ken Cuccinnelli argued that the outcome today was not out of line, because Trump only won 38 percent of the vote in Virginia.

"Ted is successfully coalescing -- unifying, most of the rest of the party and that's the only way we can do this, that's the only way we can win a vote like this," he told ABC after the vote.

"That and having a good grassroots is why we're doing so well in these events all around the country," he added.

Cuccinelli went on to say the slate was an "olive branch" to Trump supporters.

"If we wanted a 13-0 slate, we could have had it. Instead we supported the mixed slate that was a unity slate, and that's an effort we're trying to make all around the country," he said.

Some Trump supporters took solace in the fact that Trump is ahead in the delegate count.

"We are really pleased that Donald Trump has 1,002 delegates as of today and will be our next president," delegate Clay Chase said.

"At the end of the day, Trump is going to win on the first ballot, so the selection of the delegates is kind of a moot point, really," said Trump surrogate Corey Stewart.

"We thought it was a good show, and we did better than expected," he added.

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