Teacher's Fun Homework for Stressed Students Earns an 'A' With the Internet

Teacher's Fun Homework for Stressed Students Earns an 'A' With the Internet (ABC News)

Hakuna matata -- it means no worries.

That’s the message one teacher in Reading, England, is passing along to her students as they endure their stressful final exams.

Mrs. Jenny Thom, a Year 6 teacher at Bucklebury Church of England Primary School, gave her students the most fun homework assignment ever to be completed over the weekend leading into their final days of year-end testing.

“Please complete as many of these activities as possible and tick to say they have been,” the homework begins.

The items include going on a bike or scooter ride, reading a book, watching your favorite TV program, smiling, eating ice cream, spending time with people you love, laughing until your tummy hurts and going outside to enjoy the weather, just to name a few.

Thom adds in the assignment that if her students feel they must study over the weekend, they can do so, but only for one hour maximum.

“Remember,” the homework concludes, “Mrs. Thom is in charge of worrying -- you don’t need to.”

A photo of the uplifting homework assignment has gone viral, earning praise by parents and students alike for essentially encouraging kids to enjoy being kids.

Bucklebury School said that although they “absolutely recognize the value of assessment” as it is “at the center of excellent practice in schools,” they also appreciate the meaning behind Thom’s homework assignment.

“It recognizes the enormous amount of hard work and dedication invested by children passionate about learning,” the school said in a statement. “It also reflects our beliefs about education and the recognition that outcomes from tests at [11] years old do not dictate who you are or who you might become.”

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