T-Rex Goes Ice Skating in Hilarious Viral Video


This T-Rex is always up for new adventures, particularly on Tuesdays.

Take a look at the prehistoric carnivore’s hilarious attempt at ice skating, which has gone viral with 49 million views on his “TrexTuesdays” Facebook page.

After quite a wobbly start, the T-Rex eventually gets his balance and actually starts soaring around the rink, which would make sense as his “humans” hail from the chilly Twin Cities in Minnesota.

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“We bought some T-Rex suits a few months ago and started making videos for our own enjoyment, hence the vertical filming - it was created originally to just watch quickly on a cell phone,” the two “TrexTuesday” creators who prefer to remain anonymous wrote to ABC News. “Plus, the smaller frame makes it easier for T-Rex to dart in and out of the frame, which we enjoy.”

They had no idea the viral fame “TrexTuesday” would achieve, “but have been having a blast coming up with ideas and creating funny videos,” they explained.

The Tyrannosaurus Rex goes on a new outing every week, which you can be on the lookout for on his Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram accounts.