Innovative New Food Trends Hitting Shelves

Remember how hot the "cronut" was? Tory Johnson combed the latest food fairs to find the next big spicy and sweet treats. From chili granola to flavored popcorn to "crack cookies," these may be the next big food trends that everyone will be talking about.

Chili Granola  

Made in Brooklyn, the makers call this "granolas evil twin." Chili granola is a spicy hot condiment with incredible texture. Its crunch is unique: add it to yogurt or topped on avocado or even with eggs, fish or tacos -- anything that needs a serious kick!

Southern Culture Pancake & Waffle Mix

Southern culture, as seen on ABC’s “Shark Tank” and an Oprah favorite, puts a Southern artisan twist on waffles and pancakes.  Big assortment of mixes in popular favorites: red velvet, chocolate chip, Meyer lemon blueberry.  It's impossible to choose one.  This puts a fun, yummy spin on a breakfast favorite.

Jordan's Skinny Mixes Whipped Foam

We've all seen flavored syrups added to coffees.  This is new whipped foam topping from Jordan’s Skinny Mixes. Just pump a burst of flavor foam into any hot beverage.  Zero calories and zero sugar.  Choose classics: caramel, mocha, marshmallow and french vanilla.  New to launch: four  new seasonal flavors, including chocolate peppermint.

Pop Art Gourmet Popcorn

Pop art gourmet popcorn mash-ups are inspired by DJs who overlap two songs to make one piece of music. They call it a harmonious blend: chipotle caramel and cheddar cheese, which is exhilarating and divine. The sweet and fiery flavor of chipotle caramel is quenched by the smooth creaminess of cheddar cheese popcorn. There's also honey caramel and feta cheese popcorn.

Late July's Blue Corn Cantina Dippers
Late July is a family-owned, woman-run snack company. Launching in September, two favorites in one delicious chip: blue corn and convenient dipper.  It's the perfect no-drip chip another bonus beyond the taste:  all late July chips are non-GMO, which means no genetically modified ingredients.  In other words: real foods.  This is a perfect snack alone or paired with your favorite salsa.




Legally Addictive's Crack Cookies

These sweet treats are called crack cookies for two good reasons: 1. It's a cookie made from a cracker! 2. It's addictive.  Salty and sweet never fails -- a delicious combination of cracker, toffee, semi-sweet chocolate and sea salt.  This started as a fun homemade item that the baker used to make for parties and she was encouraged to launch a business.

Banza Mac & Cheese

Pasta made from chick peas!  A healthy twist on an American favorite. The all-new mac and cheese chick pea pasta is just as tasty as its classic counterpart with far fewer carbs.

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