Social Media Tracks Down Sydney Newlyweds in Candid, Stunning Sunset Photo

Social Media Tracks Down Sydney Newlyweds in Candid, Stunning Sunset Photo (ABC News)

Needless to say, the power of social media is an amazing thing. And no one knows that more now than Chris and Jessica Galvin, newlyweds who were shocked to find a stunning, candid wedding photo of their big day making the rounds online in hopes of tracking them down.

“We are in Hawaii on our honeymoon but this photo has been consuming us for the past 24 hours!, We discovered it was going viral,” Chris Galvin wrote to ABC News from their tropical vacation. “It just went crazy with all our friends and family calling and messaging us.”

The now viral photo capturing their romantic wedding whimsy right before a huge storm at Bradley's Head in Sydney, Australia, was taken by photographer Sam Yeldham, who happened to be in that location shooting a completely unrelated time-lapse of the impending weather.

“I was shooting a sequence of a storm rolling in over the Sydney Harbor,” Yeldham explained via email. “The couple had come down to the water level to take their wedding photographs with their own official photographer, but it was raining quite consistently and terrible weather was threatening to muddy the shoot.”

Yeldham’s photography partner even ran over to hold an umbrella for the couple’s actual wedding photographer, Liv Corbett of Liv Style Photography, so she could better capture the magical sunset moment for the love birds.

“Amazingly, the sky cleared for about 10 minutes just as the sun was setting over the bridge,” Yeldham wrote. “It was a pretty magical moment. The bride's dress was flying everywhere and so they really only got one or two poses in where they were not trying to calm or save her dress from the rain.”

Then the power of social media began to take over. After posting the gorgeous shot to his Instagram and Facebook accounts, Yeldham realized he didn’t get the names of the newlyweds he’d captured so beautifully that day. When a reporter contacted him in hopes of chatting with the couple, “I explained that I didn't have them and was looking to find out who they are.”

It didn’t take long before their names were given to Yeldham, and better yet, “they were actually tagged in the photo itself on Instagram. It is quite fitting,” he recalled.

“We love the photo! We were very lucky, we were in the right place at the right time! Our professional photographer also took some great photos.”

Indeed she did. Take a look at Corbett’s photos before the storm on their blissful day.

“What an incredible last 24 hours! The power of social media is amazing,” Corbett said by email. “The response and exposure on this story has been SO positive.”

Yeldham, the accidental photographer, wrote, “What makes me feel good is the fact that the newlyweds themselves liked the photo. That is what is most important really. I am in awe of the speed of the internet for finding them.”

The newlyweds are thrilled to have such a fun story come from their wedding day.

“We are very grateful that Sam took that photo,” Galvin explained. “It probably wouldn't have been as fun if he just sent us the photo there on the spot.”

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